Sydney Sessions 16-11-19

November 11th 2019

I will be back in Sydney on Saturday 16th November. If you missed out seeing me last weekend then here is your chance. You will need to book in advance as deposits are required and you will need to fill in My private online Questionnaire. Contact Me via My website.

Sydney Tour October 2019

Gday g’day g’day

Yay, spring is here, it’s a beautiful hot day today and  it’s My birthday on the 18th. So many wonderful things are popping up out of nowhere, how exciting, for Me anyway. So I am planning to be in Sydney from 1st till 6th October. You will need to book in advance and a deposit will be required. I am available for sessions and meet ups and if you would like to take me out shopping that’s even better ( it is My birthday month after all)

Please fill in the contact form HERE.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Domina V