Happy New Year 2017

Gday dear reader

Well, I was planning to write a post for December but the days were extremely hectic and busy for me so, Happy belated New Year everybody. I hope you all had a good one.

I don’t celebrate Christmas rip off day…. What a load Ahem….Anyway, My Queensland tour was a success. Thank you to those of you who made the effort to come out and see me on the Gold Coast.
I know it was a little difficult for some of you to see me at this location but thank you for making the effort.

Now, Brisbane was interesting and I had so much fun. Thank you, James, for being my tour guide and driver, thank you for looking after me I really appreciate everything you did for me. Too bad you live in another state. You would make the perfect personal slave.

So, I am back in Sydney and I am really looking forward to 2017, which by the way is The Year Of The Rooster.

This year I will be making a lot of changes mainly focusing on myself and on what makes Me happy instead of trying to please those around me. 2016 was a full-on year for me. I still cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by. My first year back in Australia; since living in the UK, has giving me an insight on how things roll over here compared to what I’m used to. So, I’m really looking forward to a few challenges. I know I have changed for the better and I will continue to work on Myself, My goals and My high standards. I will not settle for anything less. My work ethics and my professionalism will be My priority and anyone wishing to challenge Me on this will be in for a big surprise. Some people need a reality check…. Also, I have and will continue to cut out all the bullshit out of my life; such as negativity, dramas and emotional vampires.

Saying this, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful clients who came to see me throughout 2016.  I’ve had so much fun taking you all through your journey. I hope that you will continue to stay connected with me so we can make your journey experience a memorable one.

Well for those of you who know me well enough know that for a long time I’ve been suffering with chronic back pain. This is due to scoliosis and sciatica and if you have similar problems then you will know how painful this is. In 2013 I was also diagnosed with OCD. I did write a post about it and you can read it HERE.

While living in the UK I spent many days visiting specialist for my back problems and at the same time I was seeking medical help on how to live a ‘normal’ life with OCD. Of course, there is no normal for someone like me, especially when your chosen career revolves around people who demand your attention. As well as it being a physical job and at the same time wearing high heels trying hard to look all glamorous. I also had to deal with the mental side of things like; anxiety, hygiene and many other things that goes through my OCD Head.

The past 6 months has kept me busy with doctor and hospitals appointments. Basically, I am not allowed to wear high heels, which as you know comes with the job. I have been told to hit the gym and I have been, as well as change my diet and get plenty of chill time. I also have personal hobbies which I will be paying more attention to as well as new projects that I would like to pursue. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I am still conducting sessions but only accepting service from genuine applicants. I do not reply to every single email that I receive due to poor etiquette and to those who do not address me correctly. It’s not rocket science. I am very particular with whom I choose to play with and to me the connection is very important as I do expect you to return and continue on with your journey and hopefully become one of my regulars (even if it’s only a few times a year).

I will accept that some of you also may be new to this world and you are welcome to contact me but remember  your manners….Please make an effort when you contact Me. No need to send me your life history. Once I have read your email I will respond letting you know if I will see you. Please be patient if you do not receive a prompt reply.

I will be taking some time off from 14th January till the first week of February. During this time I will not be checking emails, updating any social media or replying to text messages.

If you would like to book a session for February you may still email me by filling in the contact form and I will reply when I return from my trip. The dates I have available for sessions are below. Please include the date you would like to book as well as the time and the length of your desired session.

Sat  4th
Sun 5th
Mon 6th
Tues 7th
Tues  14th
Wed  15th
Mon  20th
Tues  21st
Mon  27th
Tues  28th

Thank you
Be Good
Domina V

My OCD Head

In May 2013 I was diagnosed with OCD. Which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I already knew that I had it and seeing the doctor about it just confirmed it for me and explains a lot of things. Now youre probably thinking, ahhh don’t we all have it?,Well yeah maybe. It’s all easy to say this but for people like myself it gets a little annoying hearing this. I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for a very long time and I feel that now is good for me. People who have met me and my close friends can see this in me, and to be honest it’s not something that I hide from people. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed, this is not something that just happened over night, it’s not something that I thought up one day and decided hey I have OCD.
We are talking about a mental illness a condition that takes over your life, it can destroy your hopes and passions and it can even ruin relationships with loved ones and friends. If treated well with the right care and support we can learn to manage it without ruining our lives. Thanks to the Internet we have access to so much information and social websites like YouTube give people the opportunity to express themselves and share things with the world. 
A few months ago I was filming one of my sissy visitors at The Fluffy Boudoir. I had given her some cleaning duties and when she finished I went around to inspect her work. I had taken my video camera with me and during one point I mentioned that I like things to be even and with my OCD I like things to be put back in its place. Now to most people they probably wouldn’t think twice about what I had said. To be honest even I had forgotten that I even mentioned it but it did attract one person who contacted me who saw the clip.

He said one of the main reasons he wanted to come to see me was because he too suffers from OCD.
When he came over we had so much to talk about, I guess we had so much in common. We sat and talked for over an hour which was fine for both of us…. we weren’t in any hurry. His condition seemed to be a lot more severe than mine and he also had a stutter while talking. On the day we did a full transformation and we even went out shopping and bought some shoes. The most amazing thing was that while she was dressed as her lovely feminine self her stutter had vanished. I mentioned this to her and she couldn’t believe it. She didn’t noticed that she was having a normal conversation with me. I can’t mention her name as I promised I wouldn’t.

I’ve had people ask me, how do I manage OCD in the industry that I’m in?…With great difficulties is what I always say. I have learnt how to manage it without going out of my mind. Yes, it is very hard, especially when I have a visitor coming to my home. This has been the hardest, though I always know that everything will be Okay. But still there is the whole process of going through my daily routine involving a systematic way of doing things.

If you’re planning to visit me then you have been warned hahahhaha just joking…..Really, there is nothing to worry about I guarantee you will have a great day while in my presence. The best thing about it is you just never know what to expect from me.

Here is the clip that I was referring to.

Thanks for reading