Double Femdom Clip 5-5

Maid Chloe got so much attention she was so horny and finally couldn’t take it anymore. The filthy rubber slut came all over the floor.

Now it’s time for Dometria rubber dolly to show us how he wanks. I get Maid Chloe to sit on his face. Dometria gets her rubber dolly to like Chloe’s asshole. He is taking forever to show us his spunk


Double Femdom Clip 4-5

Things start to heat up now. We are all dressed in rubber and the sexual energy between us all is getting mighty sexy. We can’t keep our hands of each other. It’s now time for Chloe to receive some attention. Her cute little bottom gets a good hand spanking.


Double Femdom Clip 3-5

On this day My girlfriend Mistress Dometria and I are filming our very last session together. I have My rubber maid Chloe with Me and Dometria brought in a surprise for later on. I have left My camera rolling and in this clip you will see never before seen content. You will see behind the scenes. You are that fly on the wall. You little pervert.

Things start to heat up now. We are all dressed in rubber and the sexual energy between us all is getting mighty sexy. We can’t keep our hands of each other. It’s now time for Chloe to receive some attention. Her cute little bottom gets a good hand spanking.


Double Femdom Clip 1-5

This was a very emotional day for us both as it was My last session with My beautiful GF Mistress Dometria before I left the UK and moved back to Australia. Three years later she sadly passed away. I miss you so much girlfriend, I wish I never left. Check out all the kool photos from the clips at My Loyal Fans page.

Anal Clinic with Mistress Dometria & Nurse V

Dometria and Nurse V prepare the “Birthing Bitch” who has gone into labour

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Double Anal with Mistress Dometria

Dometria and Domina V love to stretch and gape this hole to see how much he can take, and to impregnate their birthing bitch with their hot rubber spunk deep in his mangina.

Him, to breed a new line of dominant females in this world! Dometria starts by hammering his sore helpless asshole with her massive luminous pink cock.

Then V follows up, all the way to the bottom of the jar. Then they gaffer tape his ass hole to gape wide so they can get both dicks in there at the same time. It’s DP time!! Dometria hangs from the roof bars and thrusts deep in his hole while V attacks the asshole with her big cock-on-a-pole till they double rubber spunk in his hurting hole. Now he knows who is the boss.

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Milking the Slave

Mistress Dometria shows off her advanced wanking techniques on a big dick with milking and bollock punching until he is totally empty with blue bollocks. She binds him and teases his cock and balls till Domina V stops by to ‘lend a hand’.

This giant dick needs FOUR hands! We laugh and mock the helpless male. He is immobilised in the gynae chair with his legs spread, while we do alternate hand jobs, four-hand hand jobs, ball slapping, and hand pumping.

Dometria’ s hand never gets tired of wanking cocks. She can go on forever like a wanking machine till the cumblast arrives.

Nov 2018 blog post by Domina V

Out and aboutG’day G’day to all My wonderful fans, followers and admirers and if you’re new to My blog then Welcome.

Wow, where do I start? Well its been over 2 months now since I left My beautiful hometown in sunny Australia and here I am in cold windy England. I know what you must be thinking but life doesn’t revolve around the weather for Me. I make the most out of all My days and I’ve never been one to complain about the weather. I would much rather focus on the good things in life. I am grateful everyday with what I have and I feel blessed being surrounded by friends who actually give a shit. We all know what that’s like right? But lets not go there…I’m sure you are eager to read about what I’ve been up to and what My plans are now that I’m back in Brighton.

Club Pedestal Birthday 2018

Okay so My last blog post was after I visited Club Pedestal in London it was lovely catching up with familiar faces. I’m not sure when My next visit will be. I’m not in any hurry to go back into London.

Club Pedestal September birthday 2018

Out and About In Brighton

Last Sunday I finally had a day off so I had a lovely walk down by the see side. It was such a beautiful day.


Ocean views

What were they thinking?
What were they thinking?

Fluffy Boudoir

So I’ve had a few of you asking Me about my sissy and cross dressing service Fluffy Boudoir. Well, In September we had a space. We started patching up old windows and gave the room a new paint job, rose pink of course. Then things started happening, you know sometimes when you get that feeling in your gut?… So after thinking it through I decided not to go ahead with the new Fluffy Boudoir space, but don’t worry Fluffy Boudoir will return but it wont be this year, well not until I have My belongings sent over to Me from Australia which I will need help to raise the money as it will be coming by boat. I’m thinking of starting a Crow funding page, what do you think?

If you are a Sissy and Cross dresser why no show your support and subscribe to The Fluffy Boudoir Blog HERE.

Domina V

So Domina V is back in action with dungeon sessions in Brighton. Please contact me via My website HERE if you would like to see Me for a session. I look forward to seeing all My old regulars and I will also be seeing new clients though I am very fussy and particular with who I play with so please make sure you make an effort when you first contact Me.

Domina V Brighton Dominatrix image

Okay so I have also changed my hair colour darker, I tend to do this for winter and then before summer I tend to to go lighter. Do you like it?

Brighton Dungeon

The Brighton Dungeon has a new owner and I’m so happy about this. We will be closing on the 7th November for 10 days for renovations with new bathroom and decor in the Erotic boudoir, I cant wait to see the results.

Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur 

I have been busy these past 4 weeks with My new Barber Salon.  I am now offering Haircut Fetish services which I started over a year ago in Australia and My doors are almost ready to open here in Brighton. The room has a fresh coat of paint, brand new shampoo basin, a temporary barber chair and of course My tools of the trade. Why temporary I hear you ask? Well all My belongings are still  in storage in Australia and My awesome barber chair is there as well. Have a look a the photo below.

Time for a fresh coat of paint in the Salon

my new barber chair KOulla
My barber chair

I’m still waiting on a few more deliveries and once they have arrived I will be open for business. If you have a hair cut fetish fantasy you would like to explore why not head over to Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur Page and have a read of the awesome services I have. If you are just wanting a normal hair cut without the fetish then this is Kool with Me as I also provide normal haircuts for those who are not into and kink or fetish services.

My Growing You Tube Channel

I started My new You Tube channel back In March 2017, before that I had three channels but realised that it was too much trying to keep them all updated so I rolled everything into one and its all under the same umbrella at House of V Fetish Studio. Here are My  the latest uploads.

Clips 4 Sale

I finally had some time to do some filming. This week was Nurse V with my regular Patient D who was well over due for his medical check up. I have uploaded clip one and two to My store and will have one more on the way.

nurse v clip one
Nurse V and Patient D clip one

nurse v clip two gif
Nurse V and Patient D clip Two

Well, I think that’s all for now. Thanks for reading, till next month.
Be Good