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G’day dear reader.

So I’ve missed out on writing to you in April as I really couldn’t find the time and there were so many things going on that mentally I had no energy to focus on writing. So I guess better late than never right? So here is a little easter video I did.

 Easter got a little crazy for me, can you tell?

Since I moved away from Sydney, which by the way, was the best choice I made, I have had to test the waters, yes I’ve had My feet dipped into the ocean literally and as well as testing out new avenues for Me to grow My business. It will be almost 6 months since I made the move and now it’s time to take action. I now know what I need to do and I now know which direction I am heading to. It certainly hasn’t been an easy journey and I never expected it too be. 

Since My big move to the Gong I have met some very interesting people and some not so. Some I wish to have no desire to ever connect with again. Having emotional vampires in My life is a big NO THANK YOU, though there is one particular lady who has helped me out tremendously. Her name is Tammy and she is the owner of Tams On 45 in Wollongong. She has allowed me to use her establishment where I had full use of her parlour. I was able to grow, learn and explore all sorts of experiences. Tammy is truly an amazing person, she always goes out of her way to help others, though unfortunately some people are not worth helping as I’ve seen with My own eyes…

Can you see Fluffy hiding between the hoods.

  14-04-18 fluffy on the bed

Well April was probably the last bit of summer we had and I really enjoyed My first summer here on the south coast. I have to say I have been looking forward to winter, I know how crazy is that? or maybe I’m just missing everybody in the UK and the winter reminds me of them all, but it has really been a fabulously summer where I did lots of jogging and swimming as well as bike riding.

So every morning I go for my morning jog by the beach and I have to walk through the mall first where you will see these poor trees cemented down. Everytime I look at these poor trees it makes me sad. Are they calling this art?

So what else have I been up to I hear you ask, well My fetish haircuts have certainly kicked off and I’m so happy about this. I will be working on a new website page on my official website at so if you are one of those who have contacted me regarding a haircut fetish then stay tuned for more info.

hairfetish gif

April was a really hectic time for me but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of days of just chilling out in my backyard listening to the water fountain and chatting with My new one legged friend. Oh and I’ve also starting reading another book which I’ve had for a while but never got round to reading it. The book is called The Complete Marquis De Sade and boy what an interesting read it is, I’ve still got about 273 pages left and I’m already reading another of his.

So if you haven’t heard about it already, or maybe you’ve been living under a rock, backpage has been closed down and I would say many more other advertising platforms for adult workers will be next. I didn’t really use backpage much but it was good value I guess. I do see that other new sites have popped up and when I get the chance I will start to advertise again. If you would like to sponsor me by paying for My advertising then do get in touch.backpage down

28-04-18 wrapped up for winterSo, it has started to get a little cooler here and all I’m hearing is people complaining about how cold it is… oh for Goddess sake, stop your whining and get on with it. It’s not that cold, not yet anyway. Just think about the yummy delicious hot meals you can now eat, and what about all the lovely warm jackets you have in the wardrobe waiting to be worn, or better still why don’t you think about the people that live on the streets who are freezing and have no homes, think about that before you open your mouth. If we all just stopped complaining and do something then wouldn’t life be just a little more simpler for some?

28-04-18 broken phoneOkay well, I did have a little cry when I dropped my phone (for the third time) and it finally just said nah, no more lady, go and get yourself an new phone. So I did just that and I hated it and now I’m just getting use to it. lets see how long this new one last’s me for before I start to drop it. banner

Okay well I’ve had a few people asking me about My clip site and when it will be finished. This has taken me longer than expected but its getting there. Hopefully by the end of May you’ll start to see clips being uploaded…so bare with me I’m getting there.

16-04-18 the beauitful sky

Well folks I think that’s all for now. It’s dark outside and My number one rule is once that sun goes down the computer is switched off as My brain just doesn’t function to well at night. I’m more of a early morning person, and the popcorn is waiting to be eaten and a movie is waiting to be watched. So I will say thank you for reading and sticking around till the end. I have some really good news to tell you but I will tell you on My next blog post.

Till then,
Be Good

Its Time To Go

Today I have my regular visitor slave dj in for another Live Session, but first he took me out to my favourite Japanese restaurant in Brighton for my birthday. I also told him my exciting news, though it wasn’t exciting for him. He was really sad when I told him, but he was soon smiling and happy for me once I had a word with him. I told him to always look at the positive side of things and forget about the negatives. I’m glad he listens.
So what is the good news? I hear you ask.
Well I  have decided that I will be returning back to my home land Australia. I have enjoyed my time here in the UK though the weather is something that has never suited me and I miss the heat terribly.
When I first came to the UK my intentions were never to stay long, a few months maybe, but after almost 8 years in Europe I can now finally say ”Its Time To Go” and I will be leaving with some wonderful and amazing memories ( so my diaries tell me ). hahahha
So, I am leaving the European  shores on November 30th, yes 2015 and I shall be taking some R&R in Sydney whilst waiting for the arrival of my shipment. There is so much to do and organise and as I find myself packing again! hahahaha the story of my life, I will still be taking appointments for sessions for as long as I can though at this stage its hard to say when will be my last booking.
If you have never met me before and have always wanted to, now is your chance to try to get your name into my diary. The next two months I will be busy mostly with packing, as you can imagine moving to another country there is always something going on, therefore I will only be taking on a few bookings and obviously concentrating more on my regular visitors but I will make room for those whom I have never met before. You have a choice of a dungeon session or for all those Sissies and Cross dressers who keep emailing me saying how much they want to see me, I suggest you start the process and email Me via any of my websites below.
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