Blog Post September 2018

Okay well I have finally finished My newsletter. So happy reading to ALL My subscribers. This was My last newsletter and I will now be going back to Blogging.

Okay so lets see…what have I been up to? Well…

Since My arrival to the UK I’ve been keeping a low profile and taking it easy as well as sorting out a few things. My friend Mistress Dometrias funeral was on the 29th. It was a lovely service. I miss her so much. On the day I spoke with many of her clients. She had so many loyal players. I have received emails and people contacting me on social media telling me how much of an amazing woman she was and how she helped them to be a better person. She was like that, she would help just about anybody and as mean and cruel she appeared during sessions and through her videos, she had a heart of gold, she was adored by so many people around the world.

Mistress Dometria’s family have invited me to manage the day to day running of The Brighton Dungeon and The Brighton Erotic Boudoir on their behalf and I have accepted this role. These past four weeks I have been busy clearing out my friends personal items from the dungeon. There was so much to do but I have finally finished this task.

My next mission was to get access to all her websites and social media platforms and start taking down text and photos and add new information. I am almost done, the websites have been updated though there is still a few more things to add and change but will do that at a later date.

So I now have time to work on My website and blogs. I have been filming short clips during My time sorting out the Brighton dungeon. I was planning to add these clips to My YouTube channel but I have recently received a strike from them so I’m not able to upload any clips at the moment. Eventually I’ll be adding non You Tube friendly clips to My website at some point.


The House of V Fetish Studio will be establishing itself in Brighton once more on a permanent basis. Premises have been secured and the transformation has started.

I have decided to lighten the amount of furniture I have in My storage unit in Australia and I have sold off the heavier and bulky items, although I have acquired a spanking brand new barbers chair for My hair cut fetishes, which by the way, is still in the box. Sadly I will be selling the Fluffy Boudoir pink dressing table along side other dungeon furniture.

This means I am on the look out for furniture to be added to My new home here in Brighton. So, If you are feeling generous and would like to contribute and support me with funds to buy furniture or if you would like to help me ship over all My belongings from Oz then do let me know. I know there are a few really nice second hand vintage furniture stores here in Brighton.

The sooner I have all My belongings the quicker I am able to see  clients. I’m also eager to use My brand new barbers chair for My haircut fetishes. Once all My stuff arrives from Australia, I will be opening the doors to………. it’s a secret.

Dominatrix V with Maid Chloe

I will be attending Club Pedestal  London tonight to catch up with old friends and to meet up with people who have been wanting to meet me in person. I shall of course have maid Chloe once again at my side. I’m very much looking forward to a night out. I haven’t stopped since I got back from Australia.

So I have recently published my latest newsletter for the months of August and September and this will be the last one I write,. Why ? I hear you ask. Well I’m just going to have a little break from them as things are a little hectic right now, maybe once things have settled I might go back to the newsletter but in the meantime I’m sure you’ll love My blog posts.

If you are curious or want to have a little sticky beak at My newsletters just pick a date below.

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Well that’s all for now, I have a busy day and night ahead of Me. I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear tonight for Pedestal. The way its going I’ll probably go in disguise.

Thanks for reading

Fluffy is On a Break

Hello Dear reader

I have decided to Close Down The Fluffy Boudoir doors, but don’t worry hopefully it wont be for long. At the moment I am concentrating  on new projects and taking one step at a time and see where my destiny takes me. Hmm I wonder where?…. I think it’s going to take me a little longer than expected to settle into Australia as well as getting use to  my new surroundings, so I’m just taking things nice and slowly.
But, don’t be sad…
I am still conducting Sissy and Cross Dressing sessions and you can find me at The Kastle in Sydney only a short 10-15 min walk from central station.
I am not there every day (yes I do have a life) so please contact me for my availability.
I recommend you book well in advance so I can prepare myself with the necessary make-up, outfits and shoes for our session.
If you would like to stay updated please do follow my Blogs to receive all my latest news via email.
You can contact me Here
(If this doesn’t work just use the links below.)
Thank you, I look forward to meeting you.

Domina V Dominatrix  BDSM WEBSITE:

Latest Update On House Move.

Well the house move is still going. Everything is almost packed.
There’s been a couple of hiccups here and there but so far so good.
The best part of the day is my bath time. Today I’m in my new super size bathtub full of bubbles and special salts to calm my aching muscle’s…..
Boy I could sure do with a really good massage right now.
Anyway I have been doing a fair bit of filming, I can’t tell you much….yes a little secret……You’ll just have to wait and see.
Now, it’s back to my babble bath I go.

Latest Update for Dec 2014

Hello dear Follower,

Well here I am packing my bags…Again…..Oh when will this ever stop?…My whole life has been all about packing and unpacking, moving from one place to the other. If I told you the amount of times I have moved you will not believe me.

When I was younger (not so long ago hahaha) My mother use to call me a Gypsy, back then the only gypsies I new about were the ones I use to watch on tele with their magic crystal ball, their tarot cards (which by the way I do read) and their colourful caravans. You see in Australia we don’t have gypsies, not that I know of. I never really new the real reason behind it until I was much much older and I made my first  trip to Europe where the word Gypsy came up a lot. My first time was when I lived in Ireland…..Yes I was there for about 1 year… I actually got to meet a few in Spain, it made me a little sad, but I soon got over it as I got close to a few who were actually really nice people, though unfortunately they are not liked due to the way they live.
So from then on I finally realised why my mom use to call me a little gypsy and I have to say till this day I am still hearing her voice in my head speaking to me in Spanish calling me her little gitana (that’s gypsy in Spanish)
So next weekend I pick up my keys for my new home and I am also packing my bags for my trip to down under. I am so excited , its well over due. I cannot believe it’s been a few years since I’ve been back. 
I will defiantly be travelling light as I have so much to bring back.
I am also looking forward to meeting my Aussie followers who have been begging me to come back for so long, so now here is your chance to see me….So don’t let me down.
I have allocated some dates for Sydney and Gold Coast sessions, but my main reason for going is not to work my ass off..but to enjoy the hot weather, my friends and family and oh how I am missing the lifestyle.
I have some slots available for sessions before I go but you will need to book in advance.

Our new Home Coming Soon

Fluffy Boudoir & The Cross Dressing Salon has finally found a new Home.
Work begins on our new home on Dec 12th and will open it’s doors upon my return from my Australian Tour in late January.
The new Premises is larger and will allow me to offer a whole new range of services and shall be fitted out  to enhance your experience. Think Mirrors, clothes rails, mirrors and mirrors.
Finding a suitable space in Brighton has proved difficult but at long last I have found the perfect hideaway for you to join me in my new Professional Boudoir.
I promise to keep you all up dated but in the mean time I am still open for business as usual. I have some availability left before I head down to the land of down under.

Submissive Nikki

I would like to introduce to you my beautiful, sexy and oh so naughty submissive Nikki. Not only is she very cheeky but as you can see by her picture she also has a very spankable bottom and can take a good caning.

Nikki is an attractive and experienced submissive who knows her place and loves to please in a variety of roles. She has an extensive wardrobe of uniforms and outfits for role-play and never disappoints. She is available to join us in our session as my assistant or individually on her own.

Please contact me if you would like to have the pleasure of her company.

Kinky Sissy Play

I offer kinky play sessions for those of you who are keen to explore their kinky side. Whether you’re a naughty sissy maid or dirty little slut, my experience and expertise will encourage you to come out of your shell to become that slutty girl. Your time spent here during your make up and dressing service will finish with some exciting play.  Below you will find the kinky activities available for you.
Anal Play
Boot,shoe,feet worship
Domestic Slave Training
Face Slapping
Forced Feminisation
Forced Bi sexuality
Nipple Play/Torture
Pin Wheel
Public Humiliation 
Role play fantasies
Leather fetishes
Maid Training
Strap on
Shopping Trips
Slut Training
Sensory Deprivation
TV slut Training
Tie & Tease
Tease & Denial
Tickle Torture
Verbal Humiliation
Wax Play

Apron Anna

Today I had a new visitor. Her name is Apron Anna and yes she likes her aprons. I have so many in the wardrobe I have no idea how I managed to collect so many aprons. If only I had the matching dresses to go with them. Now that would be great. Hopefully once I move into a much bigger place I will be able to stock up on more frilly dresses.

Sissy Pauline in the Dungeon

Yesterday I had Sissy Pauline back for her second visit, though this time we headed down into the dungeon and seeing as this was her first time I made sure I was gentle with her as I didn’t want to scare her away. I asked her to get undress and to get changed into her panties, stockings and bra only. When I came back she was fully dressed into her maids uniform and shoes. I could see that the day was going to be an interesting one as already she failed to listen to my instructions. 

As I started to apply her foundation, it was at this point that I decided to make her aware of the rules and protocols of the dungeon and reminded her that this wasn’t Fluffy and that she will be kept on her toes and if she stepped out of line that she will be punished. I could see the fear in her eyes, I could tell her head was full of so much information that she couldn’t possibly remember everything I was telling her. So I walked out of the room and came back with some leather straps and tied her arms and legs to the reclining chair, just in case she changed her mind, I couldn’t possibly let the make up application go to waste…and besides the dungeon needed a really good clean up from the previous session.