Performing tonight at Candy Bar 04-12-2010

It’s that time of the month….No not that silly…..It’s Candy time. I will be performing tonight and just getting up to know good….I love it…..Also will have a guest Pole Dancer..I hear shes a Flaming hot red hair who sure knows how to use that Pole. Hope to see you all tonight…

No time for idiots

Last night I was performing at Candy Bar. It was a little quieter this time. Could  it be the weather, could it be that we all want to save up for Christmas. My god Christmas already? How time fly’s when you’re having so much fun. I was a little upset with a certain person from the crowd. We get that every now and then. They have a few drinks, they get all stupid and end up making a fool of themselves. Why even try?You pushed aside the lovely lady that I had with me on stage and you were totally rude. You were a total idiot and I hope to never have to see you back in the club again. But then again we know who you are and we know we never want to see your ugly face again.