Fluffy Boudoir Reviews

Sydney 2020-Mark

Just wanted to write to say thank you for a wonderful time Saturday. I enjoyed it immensely. You were very beautiful and enchanting and introduced me to a variety of new sensations as well as reacquainted me with some old ones, but with your finesse. It felt very freeing looking up at you all bound as I was, with you Goddess-like and me worshiping you in my moan-y kind of way. I lost count how many orgasms you drew out of me so I won’t bother trying to recollect, but it was all very blissful.

Of course, there are some things I need to correct: my boot kissing skills need to be better, avoiding the word ‘fine’ and of course – the big one – do not address you as ‘Mistress’. Sorry for doing so, it was not intentional, and it’s a habit clearly ingrained in me. In no way was my intention to confer upon you some sort of lesser status, though I understand why you dislike the term. So, clearly there are some things (many things!) I need to correct to be worthy of you and your dominance.

I also don’t want to give the impression of flitting from one Dominatrix to another, as things have moved in a certain way where I feel ready to dedicate myself to One in a long term manner. Someone who knows how to train me to NOT put my desires first. To serve. I just don’t presume anyone will automatically wish to do so, that trust etc needs to be established before any of that other stuff is even contemplated.

Either way, I would like to see you again at some point if you wish for this.

Thank you again though for a wonderful time. It felt deep and real and I appreciate that you took the time to see me and blessed me with your Dominance.


London 2013- Nicola Smith

Well here goes I thought to myself as I looked at my watch again before ringing the doorbell. I knew it would be wrong to be late to my appointment, but here I was fifteen minutes early. I stepped back from the door and heard the sound of high heels coming down the stairs.

Domina V opened the door to me; she looked stunning in a black blouse and knee length black pencil skirt. She did mention that I was early, but I did not get from her tone whether it was good that I was early or a bad thing. I followed Domina upstairs lugging my big bag behind me (why do I always pack so much). I left my bag in the hallway and we went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee and talk about the day ahead.

Domina asked me some questions about myself and then explained what she expected from me. After finishing my coffee I was given a guided tour and shown the rooms as maid that I would be expected to clean. The first was the Boudoir itself which contained clothes and make up etc, I was told that I would have to rearrange the make up and then tidy the clothes and shoes, and finally tidy a pile of clothes which yesterday’s dressing appointment had left. The next room had to be unlocked by Domina before we went in, and I could only describe it as a torture room, with all sorts of implements hanging from the walls. Finally it was on to the bathroom which after the torture room was much more like I was used to.

After seeing what my duties entailed I was then taken back to the Boudoir to do my make up and get into my uniform. I told Domina that I needed about 1 and half hours to get ready. Before I started Domina made me another coffee and put on some music. I’m usually ok with my make up, but today maybe because I was under pressure everything that could go wrong went wrong, and it was a constant battle trying to patch things up. Eventually I was done with my face, but time was moving on and I still had my hair to do and get dressed, luckily the straightners were hot by now and I was quickly able to do my hair. That only left me about 5 minutes to get dressed, I frantically delved into my back to get my uniform out and put it on as quickly as possible. My 1.5 hours were up and I had one last look in the mirror checked my make up and made sure my stocking seams were straight and went to present myself to Domina.

I stood outside the kitchen door and knocked and waited for her to call me before entering. I stood there whilst Domina walked around me inspecting my make up and uniform, she then picked up a note pad and made some notes which I was unable to read. Domina did tell me that my shoes were inappropriate for a maid and for working and I had to follow her to the Boudoir to find a pair of flats. We could not find any in my size so I was left in my heels to start the cleaning.

So where do I start, tidy the clothes or sort the make up? I decided on the make up and took everything off the units, put it on the floor and dusted the units before putting everything back in a different position. Whilst I was on my knees cleaning on heard footsteps in the hallway and the door being opened, it must have been Domina checking up on me, but nothing was said and I did not look up from my cleaning. After putting the entire make up items back in there no places, it was time to sort out the clothes and shoes. I got all the shoes and sorted them into size order and gave them a dust before putting them back. It was then time to pick up the discarded clothes and put them onto hangers before putting them back on the clothes rail. I didn’t make any adjustments to the rail. Finally I was finished and walked off to knock on the door of the kitchen again, so that Domina could inspect my work. A few comments were passed as I explained what I had done in the room and then I was left alone to do the torture room.

As mentioned previously the torture looked a scary room to be inside, but I suppose as long as I cleaned correctly I would be ok. There was a leather bench in the room and I had to clean this, as it was leather I had to use a special solution and put on rubber gloves, which I continuously managed to rip. Cleaning the bench was fairly straight forward, as it was rubbing the cleaning solution off and on, but I had to try and clean a glass cabinet. It was bad enough that I had to take out and look at the various torture implements, but the unit rattled every time I shined and also as it was glass it was impossible to tell where all the smears were on both the inside and outside, and I was constantly polishing to try and get the glass clean. Once again Domina came in and stood silently in the door way watching my progress. It was very warm inside the Torture room and I kept feeling drips of water every time I raised my arms to get to those awkward corners. I then looked at my hands inside the rubber gloves and realised that I was getting so warm that my hands were sweating inside the gloves and puddles of water were forming. I did not have time to do anything about it now as I had the canes and paddles to dust before reporting to Domina that I had finished. She again came in to inspect everything I had done, but pointed out that I had not cleaned the top of the cursed glass cabinet. So I had to put the gloves back and clean the cabinet top before I was allowed to move onto the bathroom.

Although the Bathroom was the smallest room, it contained tiles which needed cleaning and the afore mentioned previous client had shaved in the bath and there were more than a few residue hairs left behind. It was quite a stretch to reach up to the top of the tiles in the bathroom and with a short dress on, anyone coming in would have gotten more than an eyeful of white frilly knickers and stocking tops. I eventually decided that I could not reach the corners in my heels, so I had to take them off (Domina was right after all) and stand on the edge of the bath. The Bathroom seemed to take for ages as the tiles went on for ever then there were two mirrors to clean, followed by the hand basin and toilet and then finally I had to wash the floor. Even then though after pouring the water away I had to re clean the bath. At last I was finished and again knocked on the kitchen door and awaited for Domina to give the bathroom an inspection.

We then went back into the Kitchen where I was allowed to sit down, and Domina then got her note bad out, it was worse than being back at school, and she looked very stern. However I think I came out of it quite well with good marks for time spent on the cleaning and for politeness. I was marked down for my make up and high heel shoes. I must admit I enjoyed being a maid for the day, but will stick to the Glamour side in the future, being a maid is too much work.

London 2012- Shona Smith

I have always wanted to be a French Maid since I was 15 or 16-maybe even earlier! I guess I was exposed to tv shows in the 80’s like Benny Hill (!) and Kenny Everett who always had scantily clad girls always seemingly dusting, bending over in tight satin Maid’s uniforms, showing their delightfully full frilly knickers and seamed black stockings. Well this teenage obsession with Maids just wouldn’t go away. I then began to dream about what it would be like if I became a female French Maid!

Like most in the closet transvestites, the thought just wouldn’t go away. It became my fantasy to work for a beautiful Mistress, who would then transform me into her female, convincing Maid. So I just couldn’t believe it when I then found about Domina V and Fluffy Boudoir, and that she was taking on male to female French Maids for domestic duties. 

At first I thought it must be a joke, I couldn’t believe a Goddess like Domina would ever be interested in a sad loser like me. But I guess she must have seen some potential in me- from my photos dressed as a girl. Well, I may be a big gurl- but I know many people have told me I look cute once dressed and made up have a convincing feminine face. I also have great legs in black stockings!!

But enough of me- I trembled as I spoke to Domina on the phone- so nervous. But she reassured me, and pretty soon I headed on the train for London, with all my girly Maid clothes. I arrived and was met by Master Danny. He put me straight at ease and I waited for Domina, virtually naked, in the Fluffy Boudoir dressing room.

In she came- smirking at my male embarresment. She was beautiful in a tight pencil skirt, stockings, and corset top. Every inch a superior woman- a real Goddess. I felt so nervous. But she put me at ease, and I then changed into my corset and satin maid uniform. I guess I knew my place, all Domina cared about was my role as a Maid-nothing else- there was no sexual element on her part- she just enjoyed seeing pathetic guys like me transformed into sexy shemales. It amused her and was part of her power. I guess that added a frisson for me, she was incredibly sexy- but I knew my place. Besides- all I really craved was to be transformed and just to be her Maid. I would have done anything- I wanted it so badly! That ‘s the whole thrill of being a Maid- I guess!-Oh and hard work and lots of chores!

I tried to do my make up- but Domina knew I was nervous and she agreed if I worked hard, she would assist me. About half an hour later, she had totally transformed me. In the mirror a beautiful female face stared back, totally convincing. She made me to present myself to Master Danny which I did and gave him a twirl in my black satin dress, showing plenty of stocking tops and a flash of my knickers. He approved! I really was a French Maid now- for real….

I felt so good and so female.But quickly I was brought back down to earth. Domina and Master Danny had drawn up a Maids contract for me, which I was instructed to stick to rigidly. It dawned on me that this was no joke- I really had to work now, if ever I was to pass my induction. After some initiation from Domina and a tour of the house I was set to work, cleaning, washing and hovering. 

Domina was not joking- this was a real job and I had to work hard or there would be trouble. She checked up on me too, and I was scared! I kept thinking would she punish me? She joked that she may have to put nipple clamps on me. I gulped. And yes, she would check every job, sometimes standing behind me- quick to praise and quick to criticise if I did not meet her standards. But this being my first day I was treated gently- Domina assured me that I would not be treated so leniently in future, punishments would be swiftly metered out. I felt my skin turn cold and goose pimply at the thought….

At about 2 in the afternoon, I had to open the front door and let in a male visitor. I felt the wind blow against my stocking legs and up my frilly satin Maids dress. Outside, I could clearly see some guys checking me out! I blushed and shyly turned away, looking down meekly. I welcomed Domina’s male guest and led him into the hallway. God I felt so sexy as I click clacked in my high heels up the stairs after him. I wondered if he knew if I was a real girl or not. I felt like a girl anyway.

Then it was back to work, cleaning, washing up and serving drinks to Master Danny and Domina. At the end of a wonderful day as evening drew on, Domina said my training would continue BUT there would be punishments in future if I did not meet her exacting standards. I can only guess- no dream about what this means! But pretty soon I had to leave as evening drew on- and I had to change back into my drab male clothes. I was in a hurry- and left leaving my maid uniform and shoes behind. Domina says they will be ready for my next visit. I can only guess what my fate will be for doing this…..

Both Domina  V and Master Danny are very understanding- and although both strict –they understand guys who want to be pretty subservient female French Maids-like me!. I would recommend a visit- you will be amazed by how female you will look and feel- but be prepared for strict training and lots of hard work!ou can tell – im longing too be back in service!!!!!!Im in uniform today practising, but im not sure i ll go down the shops later dressed like this!

thankyou Domina- you truely are a wonderful person
lots of love 

shona xxx

London 2013- Maid Christine

The day I was transformed into a blonde maid by Domina V

I had made an acquaintance with the divine Domina V a few years ago and had helped her with various projects for her superb websites.  Then, one still chilly pre-summer night I had a dream about her, her face flittering about my mind like a vision…  As I had always dreamed about being a maid I took it as a premonition, a portent, a sign…

I found myself on the Piccadilly line heading towards her headquarters. I bought her a bottle of deep red wine and quickly walked to her door.  Safely sequestered in her boudoir, we chatted about what we had been up to since we last met.  Needless to say, her life was much more glamorously exciting than mine.

She made me feel at ease and I knew she would soon have me transformed into a simpering, scantily-clad maid.   I hastily changed into a nice frilly maid’s outfit complete with a neat white apron and, naturally, wore a flirty pair of seamed stockings, naughty black knickers and abundantly well-rounded false breasts.  Teemed with a pair of teetering heels, I already began to feel feminine,  girly and pretty sissy-like. 

My ‘prettiness’ was far outdone by Domina V’s real womanly beauty of course.  As always she was immaculately made-up, dominantly dressed in her corset and stilettos.  With her long, lustrous dark hair and heavenly horse chestnut brown eyes she was a goddess to set any submissive man’s heart cantering if not galloping like a (dungeon)whipped filly…

She ordered me to sit down at her dressing table and set to work turning me into a pretty, frilly, fluffy blonde.  There was no turning back now; I was captive in her red-nailed hands and could hardly teeter out into the street without being arrested or completely humiliated.

She applied foundation, fluttery false eyelashes and lashings of thick black mascara.  As she is from Australia you could say that she was a wizardess of Oz who performs transformational tricks with her eyeliner wand.

So, she continued her expertly applied handiwork and soon my eyelids felt heavy and flirtatious.  Every time I blinked I felt like a 50s Hollywood starlet.  She outlined then filled in my lips to give me a pretty pink pout and I felt so sexy I could have kissed her shiny black shoes!  When she dusted the apples of my cheeks with blusher I couldn’t stop myself feeling flirtily fruity.  My imagination ran away with me.  I thought of being tortured in an orchard with the cheeks of my knicker-clad bottom left as shiny as a cox’s orange pipping by her whip-wielding hand…

 My transformation was topped off with a platinum-blonde wig and my heart heaved with excitement.  I felt fluttery, utterly submissive and couldn’t help blushing due to her carefully applied blusher.

Only now did Domina V allow me to look in the dressing room table’s mirror.  I did so and was astounded not to say astonished!  A blonde bombshell was blinking back at me.  I tossed my blonde locks slightly and could hardly believe that this pretty, pale-faced girl was me.

I pouted my expertly painted lips and a simpering girl smiled back at me.   I felt like a cross(dresser) between a drag-queen and a prostitute.  I could almost imagine those lips, my lips,  being forced to kiss a man, or – oh my god! – suck a cock!  It was a heady experience to say the least.

 Domina V smiled a sly smile at her her handiwork and said in her hypnotically lovely voice: ‘So, what’s it like to be a girl?’  I was lost for words and merely smiled a shy smile in reply.

As a finishing touch, she painted my nails a very fetching glossy pink and then said, ‘Well, now I’ve made you into a maid you will be ordered to do my chores.’   I had to obey of course and was soon set to work hoovering, dusting and cleaning her bathroom.  Tottering in my high heels I did my best but it wasn’t up to standard.  She ordered me to do a proper job or she would put me across her knee and give me a good spanking.

During my dusting of her dungeon I nervously noticed the vast array of torturous equipment on display.  If I didn’t polish her mirrors to a high, smear-free finish she would start to punish me.  She would have me strapped to her bench and perform all manner of emasculating tortures on me.  Having the whip-hand she was always in control, it went without saying. 

 I managed to do my duties to her high standards and so (this time) escaped her dominatrix tricks to reduce me to a powerless, humiliated girl.  When I had finished she let me relax for a while and I made her a nice cup of herbal tea.  She gave me some advice and said that if I applied myself as well as she applied mascara I might just be able to become a good, submissive, obedient maid. 

We talked some more but unfortunately my time was up as she had a busy schedule and so I to return to being a boring man again.  I thanked her as more times than Kylie Minogue has had hit records and reluctantly took off my outfit.  Even more reluctantly I let her remove my make-up and once again indicated my immense satisfaction with her transformation.  What a fantastic, not to say fantasy-filled day.  What an experience! What a beautiful, superbly skilled woman!  I can’t wait to see her again and be completely controlled by her more than capable hands.

When she emailed me some photos she had taken the next day I was thrilled and astonished again.  Could that glamorous blonde really be me?  Yes, it could and it was.  If you too are a submissive man who longs to be transformed into the girl of your dreams by a dominatrix who can work wonders then I urge you to make it your mission to have a session with Domina V.

Maid Christine

London 2012 – Slave Shakey

A recent change of job had meant that I had not been able to session with Domina V since June – 4 whole months!! – how could I stay away from such an amazing lady for so long ? Nervous adrenaline was not being helped by the heavy traffic on the way to the House Of V. I called ahead to warn Domina that the roads were conspiring against me – damned traffic! – any sub worth his salt knows it is bad form to be late, regardless of the reasons. I occupied the time crawling up the North Circular by trying to guess how Domina V might repay my tardiness……

Some 30 minutes later than originally planned, I finally arrived and sheepishly awaited for Domina V to make Her entrance into Her dungeon. In my panic, I had forgotten the instructions She had given me when I called her earlier that morning… Boy, for someone who was trying to impress his Dominatrix, I was making a complete fist of things !

After a quick shower and a refreshing coffee (real cafetiere coffee, freshly brewed, as Domina not only loves the finer things in life but also genuinely cares for her slaves welfare), Domina V went to work on me. As always, She let Her imagination run riot, and in no time at all, I was being introduced to some lovely items of rubber that She decided I would wear for Her amusement. I was turned into her rubber slut, hooded, gagged, then the fun truly began….

Domina V certainly knows how to deal with nervous slaves, She has opened my eyes up and taken the nervous newbie that I was nearly a year ago, and moulded me into the slut that I am now; at some point I think I was indeed whimpering compliantly about what a slut I had become, at the same time that Domina V was forcing her dildo into my arse for the umpteenth time…….

My session also included exquisite nipple torture, whipping, caning (I was allowed to choose the number of strokes I was to receive), being tied to her suspension rack….. It is simply amazing what She can achieve in 2 hrs. The list went on, as did my tender, tantalising, torture….

And my punishment for turning up so late? Take your choice; was it the caning, was it the ever-increasing thicknesses of her dildoes, was it having to lick up my own mess at the end of the session ? I guess it was all of these, and more.

Be sure of one thing – If you open yourself up to Domina V, She will find the slave/sub/slut in you, play with your mind and body, and leave you wanting ….. More. More of her cock. More of her cane. More of her wicked imagination. I will not leave it so long until O/our next session.

Your rubber slut,

Mr Slave Shakey

London 2012

I paid another visit to the delightful Domina V yesterday.  She looked seriously sexy with her red hair pinned up and clad in shiny black leather.  Her nails were as red as a parrot’s head – talented talons to make a fetishist’s mind soar like a skylark.
She soon feminized my face with her beautiful make-up skills, giving me a slutty pouty red mouth and black smoky eyeliner. 

When she applied lustrous false lashes and a blonde wig I felt a wave of girliness wash though me.  She then made me wear a pink blouse and black miniskirt with pink stockings complete with pretty bows. 

She squeezed my feet into high heeled dotty shoes, hung a bag over my shoulder then led me into the dungeon.  I looked in a full-length mirror and felt like a naughty schoolgirl.

I posed next to her pole dancing pole for a few photos then she made me bend over her warm leather thighs while she lifted up my skirt and inspected my knickers.  After a few admonishing smacks she then strapped on a long, rigid dildo. 

I was forced to get on my knees and suck it with my slutty red lips.  I looked up to see her gorgeous face smiling at the power she contained.  Next, she made lie on her bench and pressed her strap-on on to my bare bottom.

I could feel it trying to penetrate me and this got my juices flowing excitedly.  I have to admit that a small amount of semen was secreted.  She finished things off with a severe cheek spanking with those vivid red-nailed hands – I felt powerless and completely humiliated.

She then called it a day and I thanked her and left.  I thought about her all the way home.  I didn’t get much sleep as she was always in my dreams keeping me in a state of excitement throughout the night. What a day!

London 2011- GR

Just a note to say Thank you, not sure I can put into words what an experience it was

Was on cloud nine going home.   You were very kind, I was so nervous, sorry for confusion about directions. The time went so quickly as you said it would, My Biggest Hope was that I done Ok for first time ,I was worried I would muck things up. 

Highlights were, when asked to take blindfold off, most erotic sight I think I have ever seen in the flesh, Stunning Dom, Boots, Stocking Corset Shirt open and legs open and what a cock !!! 

The feel of your cock in my mouth so big, the click feeling of getting the head all in my mouth  

and being bent over the bench and having finger in my bum (and what this may lead to )

Things I have learnt, you are stunning Goddess, wonderful eyes and that smile

I so wanted to please you, always be on my knees when you enter the room and

Call you dominatrix V.  

I was going to ask a couple of question which was about Eye contact and the right thing to do, I wasn’t sure whether to look into your eyes or have them down which then might I was looking at your cleavage and then need to move my eyes else way.  

I know it’s a little way off but was going to ask if we could meet up again on the Friday 19th November at 3 and was going to ask if it could be 1.5 hours this time.

Take Care


London 2011- Oliver

My hand was shaking as my finger connected with the door bell. I took a deep breath, focused my attention and pressed. My heart skipped a beat as I heard the ring inside the basement apartment. This was the point of no return! I struggled to keep my breathing steady as I sensed someone approaching. The lock clicked and the door opened slightly. There was no hall light and I squinted to see who was on the other side. “Hello Oliver” came the greeting as the door opened wider, “Do come in”. I stood transfixed for a few seconds as my eyes normalized then fixed on a Creature so Stunning she took my breath away. This was Mistress V, Premier Dominatrix, who was about to show me into Her Dungeon!!. Wearing a tight corset that pushed up her beautiful breasts, tight leather pants that emphasized her perfect bottom and legs, with feet encased in shiny Stiletto heeled boots. She looked every inch the Goddess of Cruelty. I was shown into a purpose built space equipped and fitted with everything that’s necessary for enacting any BDSM scene. An authentic Dungeon that oozed with an atmosphere of dread that caused delicious tingles of anticipation. After a few moments conversation I realized I was in the presence of someone very, very special. I have enjoyed the attentions of a couple of Pro Dommes in the past but was never able to enter completely into the spirit of the Power Handover as I found calling someone Mistress a bit ridiculous and worried about what my vanilla friends would think if they knew. I’m not a 24/7 submissive but do have a very strong Masochistic side that needs indulging from time to time. However, I instinctively sensed this would be different, that I could trust this Mistress and could let go of the outside world. I could totally immerse myself in the adventure that was about to begin.    For the next hour and a half, Mistress V informed me, I would wear her collar and become her slave and personal property to toy with as She pleased. I eagerly knelt before her while she placed the collar around my neck and instantly complied when she instructed me on how to adopt the slave position, something I’ve never done before. I knew, at that moment, that I would obey her every command unquestioningly. For the next ninety minutes Mistress V took me on a journey of delicious torments and discoveries, she being Sadistic and Kind by turns. She displayed an absolute authority, without raising her voice, which left me in no doubt who was in charge. I had asked her for some of the activities undertaken and also requested that she add whatever other things she thought appropriate. I was naked throughout the session and will recall it for a very long time to come. Here are some of the things that really stand out for me: At a point early in the session Mistress V ordered me to stand with my hands by my side while she inspected and questioned me. It felt as if She could see into my soul. I have never experienced this before and it certainly caused me a lot of sexual excitement and is something I want to repeat. I was ordered to kneel and kiss Mistress V’s beautiful booted feet. This is also something I’ve never done before and I think it showed because Mistress ordered me to put more effort into it which only added to my highly charged state. Mistress V inflicted the most deliciously Cruel nipple Torture I’ve had for a long time and the look on her face made no secret of the Sadistic pleasure she derived from it. Mistress V used various implements to inflict erotic pain on me . My favorite was the Cane which I have always been a big fan of. She also showed me lots of little kindnesses, reassuring words and touches etc, even as she caned me. The walls of the Dungeon are mirrored which meant I could see everything that happened to me. The image of me bending over the CP bench, waiting for the first stroke, while Mistress V stood behind measuring off her Cane against my bottom, is one that sets my soul on fire. To summarize I would have to say that Mistress V is a consummate professional who is extremely accomplished at her art. She has a Kind and Generous as well as Sadistically Creative and Erotically Cruel nature. She made it easy for me to connect with her and completely submit so that I got the best from the session. She has one of the most captivating personalities I have yet encountered. She is a very perceptive person who was able to understand my needs quickly even though I hadn’t really given her much to go on. Last but not least, She is a Woman of breathtaking Beauty. On my way home I felt very liberated. I had been able to enter 100% into the spirit of the session and learned a little bit more about myself into the bargain and I have Mistress V to thank for it. Will I make another appointment? You bet!! Oliver (first time slave)

London 2011 Oliver review 2

Hi Mistress V Apologies for the late submission but I went away unexpectedly for Christmas and new year.  Anyway,  better late than never. The butterflies in my stomach increased as I reached my destination. This was the same journey I made four weeks earlier and, as before, my hand still trembled slightly as I pressed the doorbell. The door was opened by the same breathtaking young woman as the last time except she was wearing different clothes, though no less stunning. As Mistress V led me into Her Dungeon I noticed  She was wearing a scarlet PVC jacket that stretched tightly around Her upper body showing Her figure to best effect. She wore a skirt with red boots that had clear soles and stiletto heels. The sight of  Her made my heart beat faster in anticipation of what would happen to me during my second session with this Supreme Mistress. After removing my clothes I knelt in the slave position while Mistress V selected a collar to place around my neck. I was told that the treatment I would receive would be more severe than last time. Next I was ordered to bend over the CP bench ready for a warm up. Once over the bench Mistress V secured my arms and legs with heavy leather straps and I waited with a mixture of excitement and dread while  She selected the equipment to would use on me. For my warm-up Mistress V delivered strokes from a number of implements which included the Cat/Flogger, Tawse, Leather Paddle and Wooden Paddle as well as  Her well practiced Hand. Of these I preferred, in this order, Her Hand, the Cat/Flogger and the Tawse. The Paddle doesn’t do that   much for me but I was surprised by the sting from one of them. I was also subjected to the Pin-Wheel which I really enjoyed. Having been warmed-up, I was released from the bench and ordered to kneel at Mistress V’s feet and start licking her boots. I found this very erotic especially when  She told me to put more effort into it. Mistress V had put a lead on my collar and  She kept it tight. After a while Mistress V told me   She was going to Cane me and I should: “Prepare yourself for Severe Punishment”. I was ordered to bend over the bench and Mistress V secured my arms and legs. I was informed I would receive (at least) fifty strokes of the Cane and I was to count them. I waited nervously as the Goddess selected an appropriate one and tested it by bending it and swishing it through the air. She then approached me from behind and I could see Her in the mirror positioning Herself to administer my sentence. I heard the hiss as She brought the Cane down onto my backside and felt, as well as heard, the crack it made as it connected with my skin. “One Mistress, thank you Mistress” I said . This was how it went for the next nineteen delicious strokes as I tensed at the pain of each one but kept my bottom in position for the next. Still fixed to the bench I noticed Mistress V get something out of a cabinet. A feeling of alarm tinged with excitement flowed over me when I saw She was carrying a rubber gag. This was the first time I had ever been gagged so it was an interesting experience. Once She had fixed the gag on me I was told to think of a number. I answered twelve, as best I could through the gag, and She gave me another twelve strokes. She told me to think of another number and I said She should decide and I would accept whatever She decided. She said this was a good answer and gave me twenty eight more strokes. I was now taken off the bench and made to kneel in front of a mirror where Mistress V started to torment my nipples. She suddenly ordered me to stand and bend over with my legs apart. She told me to pull my bum cheeks apart and applied the Pin-Wheel to my more sensitive parts. This felt slightly painful but very, very erotic. She then ordered me to maintain the position while she Caned me again. After this She grabbed the lead, that was still attached to my collar, and led me out of the Dungeon door and into the hallway. Here She ordered me to stand with my hands on the wall above my head and think of a number “Quickly”. I answered “twelve Mistress” and I received another dozen strokes of the Cane before being led back into the Dungeon and told to get back on the bench!! Mistress V said she was enjoying this caning practice and cracked off another twelve before saying She also needed to practice Her backhand stroke. I felt a dozen more stinging deliveries served off Her backhand. Needless to say I was more than happy to be Her practice slave and can report that Mistress V has an excellent backhand technique to go with Her formidable forehand stroke. Throughout the CP, which was unhurried, Mistress V kept me in a heightened erotic state by regularly manipulating my nipples with Her Expert and Superior fingers. I have written this account from memory so it might be a bit wobbly on the order of things but as I write it I realize just how much activity Mistress V can get into an hour. Just before getting dressed I was again ordered to: “touch your toes” for a final six of the best. Being disciplined by such a competent and beautiful Goddess sets my soul alight! Although I have opted, mainly, for CP, Mistress V has an extensive menu of delights on offer and I would highly recommend Her. Many Thanks Mistress V Slave Oliver

London 2011- Slut Maroosh

Dear Domina V

Thank you so much for allowing me to visit you yesterday, I was honoured  to be invited into your domain. Here is my report as instructed.

Firstly, I want to say that you are truly exquisite, even more magnetic in person than ‘on screen’.

Secondly, however, I am concerned that I was a great disappointment to you – too quiet and too uptight.

My priority was always to please you, and I think I may have been too cautious. I was focusing on behaving correctly and using any sign from you as to how to proceed, but being overly concerned about where to look, what to say and how to act certainly caused me not to relax as much as you ‘needed me to’.

I kept wanting to call you ‘mistress’ and had to concentrate to call you the correct name, so every time I stumbled over the words ‘Dominatrix V’ I felt annoyed and pathetic. I really want you to like me.

I wasn’t sure whether I could look at you in the mirror or directly at you when outside of the playroom. In my day-to-day life I am confident and naturally tactile, but I wasn’t sure of meet/greet protocol so possibly came across as rude or, even worse, surly. I hope not.

However, every compliment or kind word had me excited and eager – thank you for being pleased with at least one or two things that I did.

Your every touch was electric. There is nothing that I could do to my own body to match it, I hope that this pleases you. My nipples are still stinging – thank you.

I am fearful that I won’t be allowed to visit again, but do hope that I can. If there is anything that I can do to prepare or make myself more accommodating then please instruct me (I also made the mistake of having two glasses of wine and a meal before I arrived – not to be repeated).

Your talk of pimping, tranny clubs and slaves was a future dream that I can only hope of obtaining one day.

Thank you again and please tell me if there is anything else that I should tell you.

Yours in hope,

Slut Maroosh

London 2010

To All Thinking Of Visiting Dominatrix V

I am a mature transvestite who simply adores to be feminised for a session with Domina V. I adore how she helps in the transformation that eradicates my male side and opens up my inner slut.

The physical act of putting on female clothing, making up and donning all the accoutrements gives me an immense rush prior to a session with Domina V. She instinctively knows how this changes my personality so that I am ready to embark on a voyage of inner discovery.

For a tranny this empathy is crucial for a great session. She has this natural understanding that is rare. Not only is she more beautiful than her pictures she has a wonderful combination of the soft and harder elements that make up a wonderful dominant.

London 2010- Pet J

When  Domina V opened the door, my pre-occupation with the cold became a pre-occupation with inferiority; how do you even contemplate satisfying a creature of such natural beauty? My mind was scrambled and fuzzy as I struggled with visionary overload; her statuesque elegance demanding my full, unwavering, attention. Dominatrix V really does project the most amazing visual aesthetic; the sculpted figure and toned limbs, together with an unobtainable waist/hip/bust combination that suggests she’s just landed straight from a piece of fetish art. She also moves with a grace and confidence that befits her stellar looks; moving as one with a demur and posture that communicates the innate confidence of a seductress fully proficient in securing the complete obedience of submissive men. She can also hit you with this deliciously all knowing look that’s dangerously alluring.

As for the session itself, Domina V was completely professional whilst still showing warmth to put me at ease. It never felt clinical or impersonal, which should not be surprising given Domina V oozes sex appeal and eroticism. She mouthed her words with a natural authority and barely needed to raise her voice to secure my full compliance. Being completely honest, her encouragement and suggestive whispers in my ear alone had me like putty in her hands.

So, would I go back and let Dominatrix V leave her mark on me again? I don’t think I need to answer that! Look forward to seeing you soon.

Pet J        

 London 2009- Mark

Wow and extra Wow. Mz V is truly one of a kind. Not only was I blown away by her long slender legs and her graceful manner she gave me exactly what I asked for and even more, I recommend any new novice to worship this beautiful lady, She is worth it. I look forward to kissing your feet again Mz V Thank you so much.