1-Where in Sydney are you located?

Inner West

2-Are you close to public transport?

Yes, plenty of buses and 10 min walk from Petersham train station

3-I would like to see you today, is this possible?

No, advanced bookings only

4- I am a novice and have never seen a professional Dominatrix before. What is expected of me?

I expect you to have read My website thoroughly. Then fill in the contact form and I will email you as soon as I can.

5- What if I am running late?

I expect you to be on time, but if you are running due to traffic then call me ASAP.

6- Do you do outcalls?

Yes, to City hotels only. I am not available at short notice so if you are planning on visiting Sydney please contact Me ASAP so we can make advance arrangements.

7- Can I request what you wear during the session?

No not really but you can suggest on a particular look or outfit and I will think about it on the day.

8- Will I be given a safe word.


9- Do you enjoy your work?

I would not be doing this if I did not. I do not offer sessions that I do not enjoy. If there is a particular session you are wanting, and I am not interested in providing then I will recommend you see someone else.

10- Do you session outdoors?

Yes, only with players that I have meet before.

11- I would like to bring a gift. Can you suggest something?

I do not accept flowers, alcohol, or chocolates. I am happy to receive a tribute or gift voucher.

12- Do you see couples?


13- Do you attend Fetish events?

I did in London but there is not much going on in Sydney.

14- How do you prefer to be addressed?

Dominatrix V, Domina or Ma’am (I am NOT your Mistress)