Performing at Sanctuary

Violetta De Rose performing at Sanctuary

G’day to all my kinky followers and admirers. Just wanted to let you all know that I will be once again performing at Sanctuary for their Sanctified Derelict party on 27th January, yep right after Australia day mate…

Grab your tickets at Eventbrite HERE

Here is some info regarding the night of Filth and debauchery!

It’s January, and the first Sanctified of the year is going to be one filthy party! Our theme this time is… Derelicte… Yes, wear your trash bags, your gaff tape, your cardboard boxes, your paper bags. your gladwrap. Make your own trashy costume out of whatever you can find – prizes to the most imaginative use of everyday objects. We want to see your imagination run wild in this cheeky thumb to expensive fetish wear.

We’ll have an especially trashy soundtrack for you all to get down and dirty too!
Three levels of play equipment…
Three levels of possibilities…
Ground floor – multiple suspension points, fixed St Andrew’s cross and A-Frame, and a range of spanking furniture.
Basement – a grungy suburban dungeon vibe… Bamboo suspension point, a St Andrew’s cross, massage table, two cages.
Top Floor – Medical room and sexy fun times area. Our new curtained off section with bedding for your sensual desires has been a wild hit at our last party! As always including the infamous sex sling and our adjustable chair of doom!
Sanctuary offers a safe and fun place to explore your fetish and kink, play and socialise.
Our experienced Dungeon Monitors and staff are always on hand for any questions or help that you may need!
Allow yourself to let go and explore…
See you there!
Fetish/Theme wear required – NO EFFORT NO ENTRY
18+ event – no ID no entry.

Back to the 80's kink Play Party

22ac1-wm-burlesque-baby-bonanza-backstage-2bborderGday Gday Everyone

I’m so happy to see that the weather here in Sydney is starting to warm up, though it’s still a little chilly at night, but that’s okay, summer is just around the corner and tomorrow (18th) is My birthday woohoo. So tonight I’m treating Myself to a delicious pizza which is something that I’ve not eaten in a long time, but I think I deserve it.

If you happen to be in Sydney on October 7th why don’t you come on down and watch me perform at Sanctuary 18 where the theme of the night is 80’s Kink….Yeah Baby!!

I will be performing one of my favourite acts ”Little Miss Cup Cake” which is a show that I  put together for the London Burlesque Newcomers competition many moons a go. I think it’s about time she came out of the closet…well actually out of my garage.

If you’re interested in coming please follow this link:

Head Mistress and Miss Pope show

ImageGday Dear Reader, follower and subscriber.

Last Saturday 2nd  I performed one of My signature acts at Santuary 18 where I play the head Mistress and My student Miss Pope was sent to my office to be disciplined. We had a great time performing on the small stage but I managed not to fall off. The organizers and DM’s at Santuary were very welcoming and I met some really lovely people.

Performing at SANCTUARY (Sanctified) 02-09-17

Gday friends, fans and all My dear followers and subscribers
I’m happy to announce that I will be performing one of My signature acts on September 2nd at SANCTUARY – Sanctified.
Please Click on the link below the photos for ticket details.


Burlesque Funk Night

Gday Gday dear followers and admirers

1970s make upLast night I performed with a group of sexy hot ladies at a venue in Glebe called Friend In Hand Pub. The night was called Burlesque in Hand which is held once a month. Now I’m not use to sharing the stage and performing a choreographed routine, I usually just do my own thing and I do like to ad-lib, but last night was our first time performing our 1970s funk burlesque which we have been rehearsing for the past 4 weeks from a new course that I joined which was run by the one and only Sheena Miss Demeanour.

The night was jam-packed full of wonderful performances. There was Winnie the poo, yes you heard right, graceful fan dancers and a cute pink haired dancer on roller skates which I know myself isn’t easy, plus many more talented performers.

the troupe
The Troupe

Already I’m planning to do another course though I’m not sure which one yet, there are so many that I want to try though I would like to get back into tap dancing which is something I use to do when I was younger. The old tap dancing shoes have collected enough spider webs and they are screaming at me to be used. Check out some of the pics from last night and hopefully Ill be able to get my hands on the video from our sexy performance.

With the beautiful Turquoise D’Lite

Just about to go on stage

Just Me

Early for rehearsals 

Shes back

Wow it’s been forever since I’ve posted here mainly because I have been keeping myself busy with my other two blogs at Domina V and Fluffy Boudoir but I’ve not gone anywhere though I am no longer living in the UK, incase you didn’t know.
So I’m really eager to get back on stage and I’m happy to say that my first Sydney Show will be at The Chamber where I will be taking part in a fashion show for Matt Bylett designs.