Emcee at Club PEDESTAL Nov 2014

I just want to say that I had so much fun at the last PEDESTAL in November….I really didn’t want to get off the stage and yes I probably went a little over time…but hey ho…..I did manage to stay back afterwards as I thought maybe I would be too tired seeing as it was way past my bed time. But I am glad I did stay as I met some wonderful people. It was also lovely to run in to a few familiar faces …..speaking of faces there was quite a lot of new ones and I think that’s great but I was a little disappointed that there weren’t many regulars. I guess this is normal within the club scene….People get older, some disappear , some of us just move on, but I still have an awesome night and always enjoy catching up with friends and meeting new ones.

”DARK” so what’s all about then?

November 9th 2013

And for those who may be wondering… a few words about the ethos of Dark which may perhaps be of interest:Dark is first and foremost a BDSM play club.Whether they are high protocol or take a more relaxed approach, it is aimed primarily at those couples, singles and small groups of close friends who take their scenes seriously… and others who are comfortable being in such an environment. If dressing up in all your finery and dancing the night away is your thing, we would respectfully suggest this may not be the best night for you. There will be no DJ, no dance floor and music will be kept at a level and style to create an ambiance suitable for socialising and play.In order to maintain the kind of intimate environment conducive to this kind of play, guest numbers will be restricted to create what we hope will be a warm, inclusive and non-judgemental group and high levels of etiquette (soon to be published separately) will be encouraged to ensure that those who do attend will find the freedom of a safe and supportive environment in which to express themselves.If you are new to the scene or your socialising has been restricted to larger clubs, it is quite possible you may not have come across this style of event previously, but if it’s a concept that appeals, we’d like to think you’re in for a treat…


Novemeber 5 th 2013

I am happy to announce that  we are holding our first play club in Brighton. First as in our first time in Brighton. We are so excited and we are so looking forward to this event. Please read below for more information. Infernal Mechanix has been on the London & UK scene for many years and has won Awards for their Furniture Design and their Club Night “Hades” Over the years, we have supplied equipment to events such as Torture Garden, The Sex Maniacs Ball, Submission, Night of the Senses, Club Pedestal, The Skin Two Rubber Ball, The Erotica Ball and numerous smaller events from Plymouth, Manchester, Kent, Portsmouth and a few places in-between. Our latest London venture has been a joint Promotion with Sweet Torments called “Transgression” which we hope will continue to appear annually (depending on individual projects) as it is the largest Pure Play Event in London. Having relocated to Brighton in April 2013, it is our intention to promote a series of events in Brighton, ranging from a regular members BDSM/Fetish play event, to One Day Events on Bank Holidays, that will comprise of Workshops, Discussions and a Play party in the evening.All our events will be open to all Genders & Persuasions and we welcome all levels of experience.