Cross Dresser Nicky Sydney Comes for a Visit

Greeting dear followers and admirers.
Well as I settle back into Sydney from My Queensland tour I find myself exhausted and sick with a cold and flu. So I have been resting in bed the last couple of days and hopefully Ill be back on track for Monday at The kastle.
In the mean time take a look at the gorgeous Nicky who came to see me last week. 


Blonde Emmas last Visit

Okay so on the weekend my wee back decides that it wants to give me some pain…here we go…So it seems I’ve pulled a muscle and sadly I’ve had to cancel my appointment with Brianna. But she’s cool, I will be seeing her next weekend  for our very last time together before I leave. So my Halloween was spent with  Mr deep-heat and the hot water bottle on my back. I found  some good use for one of my very old corsets, actually it was my very first corset & it helped keep the hot water bottle in place. Yes I know what you’re  thinking. Shouldn’t  I be laying down taking it easy with water bottle on my back? Yeah right, I tried that, honest. But with this move there is still so much that I want to do. Though I did get into the Halloween spirit and eventually laid down and watched my favourite horror movie or two, actually I did get to watch a few. 
So thank goddess the next day I was able to conduct my next session. I would have been so disappoint if I had to cancel this one as well. I was still in pain but that was okay as I had other things to worry about like forgetting I had left my next sessions blonde wig at home. Oh boy oh boy!….Can you imagine?… Normally this would never happen, but as I am moving to another country and most of my things are packed silly me forgot to not include it with the rest of the packing.
But never fear, because when you live in a city like Brighton you’re bound to find that missing wig. Though I have to say that it wasn’t the best of quality but hey, beggars cant be choosers and it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.. So what do you think? I think Blonde Emma was very happy and I thought I would join her so I got two instead.
It was a real fun and interesting day, like they say, Blondes have the best fun right?  I only just met Blonde Emma (she had a different name) about a month ago and she wanted to see me again for the last time in the UK.
Last time we had a little chat and she mentioned that she’s always wanted to try the dungeon. Well the dungeon is exactly what she got. We did a couple of outfit changes and took some photos. I could see Blonde Emma was having way too much fun posing for the camera. But I soon fixed that. I gagged her and tied her to the chair and left her there while I got myself ready and changed into something a little more comfortable. After taking some photos I untied her and over to the spanking bench it was. I made sure the ropes were on tight enough as I noticed she was trying to escape. I asked her a few questions and I could see that she was really getting worried. 

It was a little hard to see her face as her long blonde hair was covering her beautiful eyes, but I knew and felt that she was concerned for what I was about to do next. I was very glad that she was feeling this way, it was my intention after all. I simply enjoyed the Mind Control I had over her and here she was thinking that it was going to be all Fluffy Girlie stuff, but if you are going to ask for the dungeon then be ready for the unexpected. 

I eventually untied her and she gave a sigh of relief while looking over at the butt plugs and large dildos I had prepared earlier.  It was a pity that our time together was almost over as I was So looking forward to using my toys on her cute virginal mangina. But I did give her a sore red bottom to remember me by.

Latest Update On Our fourth Move In Brighton 2015

It was good to see Sissy Brianna with so much enthusiasm and energy. She was so eager to see me  as soon as I got back from my wonderful holiday but first I had to shed away the jet lag that was hanging on for the next two weeks. 
I’ve not stopped since I got back from holidays and trying to rest and reclaim my body clock took a while, but there is always so much to do and besides I like staying busy, there’s never a dull moment here at THE HOUSE OF V.
So, if you don’t already know, I have moved The Fluffy Boudoir to a new location in Brighton where we now have more room and the option of including a BDSM dungeon session or medical scenario plus much much more…. all under the same roof. 
We are still going through refurbishments but it’s all looking ”BLOODY MARVELOUS” darlings. Sessions have started and there is no need to wait. I have a couple of slots available till the end of September and I am now taking appointments for the month of October. Please Visit my websites for more information.
Check out Sissy Brianna….Ops I meant Ballerina Sissy Brianna.
Have a look at my dancing Ballerina

Out on the town with CD Aimee

I have just uploaded new photos of Aimee on our Gallery Website. Aimee came in for a Makeup and dressing Kinky play session. We first started with make up and dressing at The Fluffy Boudoir for a couple of hours then it was off to the dungeon for some kinky fun.

We drove into town and found a great parking spot on the beach front right next to the hotel she was staying at. Aimee tells me that she has never been out in public while dressed, so I made sure that we made the most of it, and seeing as she was staying overnight it meant that we didn’t have to rush or be out by a certain time. So after checking in and getting ourselves comfortable Aimee said that she was feeling a little nervous and wouldn’t mind a glass of red wine, so I suggested that we go for a walk down St James street; which is also called The Gay Brighton Village.

So off we went for a little walk. The weather wasn’t that great, it was freezing, but at least it wasn’t raining.

We found a little shop and purchased a bottle of wine. I then asked Aimee how she was feeling and if she would like to walk down further, at first I thought she was to nervous and just wanted to hurry on indoors but she was all up for it, which was great.

The first place I took her to was a small cabaret venue called The Zone Bar which is located in the heart of the Gay village in Brighton. I didn’t realise on the day that it was St Patrick’s day until we walked in and all we saw was people wearing green and dancing to very loud Irish music. I turned around and looked at Aimee asking her if she was okay, she was. So straight to the bar we went.

We didn’t stay very long; the music was a little too loud for us. We finished our gin & tonics and I think by this stage Aimee was feeling more confident as she asked me what was further down the street.

So, further down the road we walked in our, not-too-high heeled shoes. I mentioned a placed called The Poison Ivy which is a well known Karaoke bar. It was still early and seeing as it was St Patrick’s Day we didn’t get to see any of the amazing Drag Queens on stage, though we still had a nice time, and I was so thrilled that Aimee wanted to go out. We finished our drinks and it was time to walk back to the room where it was nice and warm and all ready for some kinky fun.

ExtraVeeGanza Forced bi sessions London 16-11-2013

I left Brighton and headed off to London. I thought I would come a day early as I had so much to bring and to prepare for Wednesday’s ”ExtraVeeganza forced bi sessions. (scroll below for photos)

I met up with a couple of my girlfriends and we went out to lunch with one of my American visitor who will be joining us tomorrow. Our destination was The Soho Hotel in the west end. I really love this place, the decor of the rooms is amazing.  As we entered the doors and headed down to the bar I could  see my visitor waving at us. It was so good to see him again. He had already ordered a bottle of champagne which was a nice surprise. I introduced him to my girlfriends and we all got on so well.

It was so nice to be here again, I really do miss this part of London. The time flew by and after my visitor ordered another bottle I suggested that we order some food. I could see one of my friends, Ms Bond getting all giggly from the champagne.

I was a little disappointed that the menu didn’t have much for Vegans but the lovely waiter managed to organise a delicious meal for me. Thankfully I had a big breakfast before I left as I remembered from the last time I had been here I had the same problem.

After lunch my visitor suggested we go up to his room as he could see that  I was dying to see which room he had chosen, and surprise surprise he remembered. He picked one of my favourite rooms called The Penthouse Suite 500.This has to be one of my favourite rooms, there is something about this one that just makes me one to stay in it forever. There was another bottle of champagne waiting for us and I could see that it was going to be one of those nights. It’s been awhile since I last saw him and also one of my girlfriends was heading back to Australia so I thought , why not, lets have some fun and relax and catch up.  

Well there wasn’t much relaxing to be done, Ms Bond was the chatterbox for the night, She loves to dance and she gave as all a good lesson on belly dancing. Well time flies when you’re having fun and as always I was the responsible one for the night. It was getting late and I really wanted to lay my head on the big cushy pillow but I had to break up the party and say our goodbyes.

Thankfully I had my Aussie friend to help me with helping Ms Bond walk. We finally got into our taxi and headed back to Ms Bonds apartment in Earls Court.

The next day I was up nice and early as usual. It took me a couple of hours to get ready as I like to take my time. Once all the bags were packed for the day I woke up the two sleepy heads. My Aussie friend had a massive hangover. Lucky for her she didn’t have to work. It was harder to wake Ms Bond up, it took me forever. Finally I managed and made her a strong Greek coffee.

I booked our taxi and we headed out to the dungeon. We quickly got ready, turned all the heating up and waited for our first visitor to arrive. Visitor 1, was a very experienced player. I saw him 5 years ago when I first came to London. I remembered how much I didn’t like him because of his lack of Protocol and how  I had refused to see him on many occasions because of this. I thought that he would eventually get the message but like most clients, he didn’t. So one day when he kept insisting to see me I told him straight off. I told him exactly what I thought of him and that he should see another Mistress who would put up with him. He apologised and begged for me to take him back. He promised that he would change and he did. Ever since then I have seen him many times and he has kept his promise. 

Visitor 2, a novice who has been emailing me for ever and has never had the courage to see me. So I suggested we do Live web cam sessions and see how he felt. Over a period of 4 months and many web cam sessions he finally paid his deposit and booked. I suggested he come to the ExtraVeeganza forced Bi sessions knowing that he will chicken out. But he made it and I gave him an extra surprise that day. With his mouth wide open sucking on two real cocks and me fucking him with my strap-on, I had  Ms Bond checking to see if he was doing a good job. He  finally came as I pumped into him nice and hard and my two sluts came all over his face.

It was time for lunch and as we cleaned ourselves up Maid Christine arrived with our lunch. My feet were already starting to hurt and my back was aching. But this was no time to be thinking about my pain. I was looking forward to our next slut to arrive. It’s been a year since we last sessioned and we had loads to catch up on.

Visitor 3, Sissy Alana was now puppy slut. I gave him over to Ms Bond while I showered and got changed. I could hear her talking to him, she is so funny. So for the next 3 hours we teased, poked, spanked, inserted, and humiliated the slut.

It was now time to bring out the gimp….lol no not really, it was time to bring out Maid Christine from the cellar. She had been waiting in there for a while and I could see she was dying to come out and play. With all the action that was going on in the room and I could see her bulge sticking out from underneath her uniform.  I got her to lay over the spanking bench where Ms Bond poked her little mangina.  We then warmed up her cute white bottom. During all this I had my other slut on the bed sucking on dildos  preparing  him for some real cock sucking action.

It was almost time to say our goodbyes to the slut but not before moving Christine over to the sling where slut got to suck her off. Slut came hard shooting his come all over her. Christine was left on the sling playing with herself while slut went off to shower and change.

Our next visitor wasn’t due for another hour. I let Maid Christine masturbate while Ms Bond and I took our shoes off and relaxed. I could see Christine getting all embarrassed, the the frustration showing  in her face as she tried really hard to come. It obviously wasn’t going to happen so I told her to get down of the sling  and change.

During our break I pulled out the camera (as you do) and took some photos. Our next visitor arrived on time, he was sent straight to the cell while we continued taking more photos. Once we were done and changed, Ms Bond dragged him out of the cell and had him bend over the bench. She tied him up nice and tight. There was no warm up for him. Six of the best followed by another six. Then it was Ms Bond’s turn. This time he got twelve hard strokes one after the other. We gave him a 15 minute break. Then we both did another round. His bottom took the strokes really well. His journey home on the tube will be an awkward one for him. At least he will remember us on his journey.

Our last visitor for the night was due in half an hour. We quickly cleaned up and had a bite to eat. Thankfully we didn’t have much of a break as by this time we were both exhausted but still pumped up and ready go.

Last visitor for the night was my regular slut. He tells me that the other night he went out for a walk in the park in high heels. Can you imagine? I told him that he should be careful as people might think he was a working girl trying to make an extra buck. I could see the look on his face as if he wouldn’t mind if someone did pick him up. I got him to show me what he wore that night in the park. Sheer hold up stockings, a mini denim skirt and a plain black T-shirt, nothing too exciting really. I don’t think he would’ve made any money wearing that anyway. So, for the next 3 hours our slut had the pleasure of Ms Bond’s heavy hand on his back side. We warmed him up together with a good spanking followed by the cane.

Then it was over to the bed where we had a couple of butt plugs waiting for him. As you can see by the photo Ms Bond is just dying to stretch that mangina.

It was now time to give the slut a rest seeing as we have been abusing him for so long. As he layed on the bed panting away and complaining how sore his mangina was I got myself ready for the next round of torture. I had slut on the queening chair with his arms tied behind. His cock and balls bound nice and tight. I introduced him to some mild basic sensory deprivation. He was blindfolded and nipple clamps in place. I prepared a plate with an assortment of delectable delights, NOT….. but he didn’t know that.
 I have to say his taste buds failed him terribly. The best part was filling his mouth with ketchup and him guessing it wrong.

Overall, the day was a huge success. Thank you to all of my sluts who came and  a big thank you my special friend Ms Bond. Sorry to those who missed out. Hopefully I will see you on my next London visit.

I shall be back in London for a whole week of sessions, from monday 18th until Monday 25th Nov and I am looking forward to seeing quite a few of you that have not been able to make the trip to Brighton.

Sick but still going

The past two days I have been ill. My voice has gone, sniff sniff and I cannot speak. But thats OK. My slave came around and gave me a wonderful massage, He’s a massage therapist by trade and I so needed it. I also  had my Sissy clean up and re decorate the Fluffy Boudoir room which is looking fabulous.