Double Femdom Clip 5-5

Maid Chloe got so much attention she was so horny and finally couldn’t take it anymore. The filthy rubber slut came all over the floor.

Now it’s time for Dometria rubber dolly to show us how he wanks. I get Maid Chloe to sit on his face. Dometria gets her rubber dolly to like Chloe’s asshole. He is taking forever to show us his spunk


Double Femdom Clip 4-5

Things start to heat up now. We are all dressed in rubber and the sexual energy between us all is getting mighty sexy. We can’t keep our hands of each other. It’s now time for Chloe to receive some attention. Her cute little bottom gets a good hand spanking.


Double Femdom Clip 3-5

On this day My girlfriend Mistress Dometria and I are filming our very last session together. I have My rubber maid Chloe with Me and Dometria brought in a surprise for later on. I have left My camera rolling and in this clip you will see never before seen content. You will see behind the scenes. You are that fly on the wall. You little pervert.

Things start to heat up now. We are all dressed in rubber and the sexual energy between us all is getting mighty sexy. We can’t keep our hands of each other. It’s now time for Chloe to receive some attention. Her cute little bottom gets a good hand spanking.


Anal Clinic with Mistress Dometria & Nurse V

Dometria and Nurse V prepare the “Birthing Bitch” who has gone into labour

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Out on the town with CD Aimee

I have just uploaded new photos of Aimee on our Gallery Website. Aimee came in for a Makeup and dressing Kinky play session. We first started with make up and dressing at The Fluffy Boudoir for a couple of hours then it was off to the dungeon for some kinky fun.

We drove into town and found a great parking spot on the beach front right next to the hotel she was staying at. Aimee tells me that she has never been out in public while dressed, so I made sure that we made the most of it, and seeing as she was staying overnight it meant that we didn’t have to rush or be out by a certain time. So after checking in and getting ourselves comfortable Aimee said that she was feeling a little nervous and wouldn’t mind a glass of red wine, so I suggested that we go for a walk down St James street; which is also called The Gay Brighton Village.

So off we went for a little walk. The weather wasn’t that great, it was freezing, but at least it wasn’t raining.

We found a little shop and purchased a bottle of wine. I then asked Aimee how she was feeling and if she would like to walk down further, at first I thought she was to nervous and just wanted to hurry on indoors but she was all up for it, which was great.

The first place I took her to was a small cabaret venue called The Zone Bar which is located in the heart of the Gay village in Brighton. I didn’t realise on the day that it was St Patrick’s day until we walked in and all we saw was people wearing green and dancing to very loud Irish music. I turned around and looked at Aimee asking her if she was okay, she was. So straight to the bar we went.

We didn’t stay very long; the music was a little too loud for us. We finished our gin & tonics and I think by this stage Aimee was feeling more confident as she asked me what was further down the street.

So, further down the road we walked in our, not-too-high heeled shoes. I mentioned a placed called The Poison Ivy which is a well known Karaoke bar. It was still early and seeing as it was St Patrick’s Day we didn’t get to see any of the amazing Drag Queens on stage, though we still had a nice time, and I was so thrilled that Aimee wanted to go out. We finished our drinks and it was time to walk back to the room where it was nice and warm and all ready for some kinky fun.

Mistress Dometria…full of surprises

So my hand has recovered quicker than expected and I thought it was time I put her to good use, and boy did she get a proper work out. Yesterday I went to visit my friend Mistress Dometria at her Brighton dungeon. We were due for a girly chit chat and gossip. I have been laying low since my operation so we had so much to catch up on……(Oh if you only knew)….So she walks over to the fridge in her high stripper heels, she has a beautiful blue sequin number on and as she opens the door she looks over to me and says ”Champagne my dear’?…..   We had so much to catch up on and Bolinger champagne sounded perfect.
She tells me that she has a special visitor coming in to see her. ”Oh how exciting”, I said, though one thing I have learnt since I have known Mistress Dometria is, you just never know what to expect. This woman is always full of surprises. Every time I visit her I go home thinking, wow what an awesome day.
The door bell rings and her visitor is told to wait in the dungeon. We continue sipping our drinks and she says that she would like for me to hang around while she beats the crap out of this guy. Fine with me I say, so for the next 30 minutes all you hear is screaming coming from the dungeon. This is a sound that is normal in this place and you can scream as loud as you want and no one outside can hear you.
So I finish my champagne and my curiosity gets the best of me and I walked down the hall way and enter the dungeon area where I see the lucky slave with his arms tied up onto the monkey bars above. Mistress Dometria enjoys demonstrating to me her unique ball busting techniques and she asks me if I would like to give it a go. She knows that it’s not my style but she has a very sneaky way of convincing me that I would enjoy it. Yes, she is very wicked, which is something I luv about her. She is very good at her craft and she is also a very good teacher.
I have no idea how long we were there for, it was all about ball busting….nothing else and yes as usual, I had so much fun.. I especially enjoyed wearing a pair of her pink boxing gloves, I have to say they really suited me.
She showed me how to pull a few punches, it was great hitting this particular target, naturally I was being oh so soft…..I eventually snapped out of it and DOMINAV came out. Like I said, Mistress Dometria is always full of surprises, I had no idea that I would be walking into this, I was dressed in my skinny jeans and doc martins, I had my hair up hiding inside my red bandanna, and you wouldn’t believe it she even had her camera. Which didn’t surprise me, so I went along with it…as I do when fun and exciting things enter my life.
The night ended with all of us, yes including the lucky slave, eating out at one of Mistress Dometria’s favourite restaurants on Preston Street. This was another great day with my lovely friend. Thank you Mistress Dometria, I look forward to seeing the clips.