Sydney Tour 1st-4th November 2019

G’day G’day G’day
Well it’s that time where I will be heading up to Sydney for sessions. I have limited slots available so if you would like to book please contact Me ASAP.
Dates are: 1st till 4th November, I might extend
Please CONTACT ME via My website

Sydney Tour October 2019

Gday g’day g’day

Yay, spring is here, it’s a beautiful hot day today and  it’s My birthday on the 18th. So many wonderful things are popping up out of nowhere, how exciting, for Me anyway. So I am planning to be in Sydney from 1st till 6th October. You will need to book in advance and a deposit will be required. I am available for sessions and meet ups and if you would like to take me out shopping that’s even better ( it is My birthday month after all)

Please fill in the contact form HERE.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Domina V

August post 2019

Here comes the sun

G’day dear reader.…Thanks for stopping by, Well I am back in Wollongong from Adelaide and it has been full steam ahead. There is never a dull moment in My world I have to say. I’m always catching up on something, but it’s all good.

Winter has arrived and to be honest it hasn’t been that bad. I’m just glad that the sun is always shining, it sure makes a big difference to the day. When I think about it I can’t believe I lasted so long in the UK, but I’m a tough nut, I can handle a lot, you’d be surprised.

G’day Adelaide

The flight to Adelaide was very bumpy. The view from My window was so beautiful. The captain announced that we were about to land and that the weather condition is cloudy, dark and cold. My first week it rained every day and was bloody freezing. The days where the sun did come out I made sure I was out of the dungeon and either sitting in the park or going to the Asian markets for fresh fruit and veges. It was nice to see Mistress Gabrielle and her team. I was well looked after. The clients I saw were all lovely, eager to please me and up for a lot of fun. I also filmed a couple of My sessions. You can view the Clips at My Clip Stores below.


I Want Clips

Only Fans

sub roy gif
Adelaide Session Dominatrix V

Fluffy Boudoir Sissy and Crossdressing Salon

While I was in Adelaide I received a lovely review from a cross dressing client. Her name is Natasha. If you would like to read  her review just head over to the Fluffy Boudoir blog.

Now that I’m back in the Gong (Wollongong). I’ve been keeping Myself busy with sorting through all the lingerie, clothes, boots, shoes the works. The wardrobe really needed a good clean out though there wasn’t much to throw out. It just needed a good tidy up. These days I just don’t have the time to keep it all under control. I desperately need an assistant. I’ve had a few sissy maids offering to help but, I’ve not found anyone who is reliable and who I can depend on, so therefore I have to do things Myself. If you know of someone do send them My way. Check out My clip.

Slut Candy is at it again

She is begging, she wants to suck on the real thing. Well if you know anyone let me know. Candy loves to suck on lollipops. You can view her photos at My Only fans page.

Transgender make up Video (coming soon)

So what else have I been up to I hear you ask. Well at the moment I’m in the middle of editing a transgender make up video I filmed the other day. It’s finding the time to squeeze this in. Hopefully I’ll have it finished before the end of August when this blog will be published…fingers crossed.

CD claire make up photo

Five months already

So, it has been just over 5 months since I arrived from the UK. If you are new to My blog then make sure you catch up on what I’ve been up to. Those of you who have been following Me will know that My beautiful best friend passed away 12 months ago on the 3rd August. I cant believe its been that long already. Anyway, it was a very sad day for Me indeed as I know it was for many of you who have met or knew her, how could you not?

RIP Beautiful Angel

Vee Barberette Fetish haircutsvee barberette Aug 2019

I am happy to say that Vee Barberette has been busy. It’s good to see clients who enjoy My fetish haircuts and appreciate the time I spend cutting their hair during roleplay sessions. It’s certainly a nice change from doing dungeon sessions which I haven’t really been doing much of here in Wollongong. To be honest I’m actually happy that I’ve not had many request for Domina V in her dungeon. I’ve been advised by My Osteopath to cut down on certain activities and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

Last week a client was happy for me to film. It’s been awhile since I’ve cut asian hair so it was a  bit of a challenge for Me. But My client was very happy with the results.

Here are the clips below or if you’re having trouble viewing them just head over to My Youtube channel to see My latest haircut clips.

Thank you to Jen aka Euthan Asian Drag kink performer. Check out her interview for Illawarra Mercury newspaper. HERE

If you would like to know more about Euthan Asian just click on the links below:

Wet Shave Promo Clip

Okay so I’ve had so many of you asking me to film a wet shave and I finally got round to it. Sorry guys, I’ve got so much going on. Hope you enjoy the clip.


Looking forward to summer

One thing I luv about the Aussie weather is even during winter the sun likes to shine and at times we get hot days, though we are coming to spring, and I reckon it’s going to be a late one. last weekend I spent some quality time at the beach, no I didn’t go for a swim, it’s a little to cold still. I could have stayed all day.

Well My dears, I think that’s about all I have to share with you. Oh I almost forgot silly Me. Don’t forget September 18th. It’s My big five O celebration, though I’m not sure how Im going to celebrate. If you would like to buy me a birthday gift make sure you head over to My Gift Tributes page HERE. 

Till next month

July blog post 2019

Well G’day there, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to My July blog post 2019. Is this your first time here or have you been here before? Well I hope you enjoy the read, I know you will, and make sure you check out My older blog posts, there is so much for you to catch up on…So lets get started.

I  am currently in Adelaide till the 23rd July, So if you’re in South Australia and you’ve been wanting to see me then now is your chance.

My new space in Wollongong is coming along nicely. I’ve had some wonderful new clients come to see me these past couple of months. It’s also nice to see My regular clients returning.

At the moment I’m trying to catch up on my video editing as I have  a few clips that need to be published but trying to find the time these days isn’t easy as I always have so much going on.
So this will be a short blog post. I have a  new client coming in soon so I best get to it and as usual here are some photos for you to enjoy.


blog Post June 2019

G’day G’day G’day

So the last time I wrote to you was in April just after I got back from My Aussie tour. I have now finally settled….well just a little. I am in a good place and things are just getting better day after day.

So I’m happy to say that My interview with Nicholas Tanek went well. This time the audio was much better. Here is the interview below.


Okay so to all My Adelaide Clients I have booked My flight and I’ll be with you from 11th of July till 24th.
If you missed out on seeing me last time then here is your chance. I will be working from the amazing premises of My beautiful friend Mistress Gabrielle at her Fetish Palace Studios 

If you would like to book your time with Me whether its for a Dungeon session, Haircut Fetish, Sissy or Cross dressing, or if you would like to take Me shopping and for a nice Vegan meal then contact Me via My website at: Just Click on the CHOOSE YOUR DESIRE menu and choose which service you are interested in. You can then read about what I offer and the contact form will be on the bottom of each page.

So what else have I been up to lately? Well I have been busy with My one to one sessions. The Fluffy Boudoir is starting to get busy. I’m in desperate need of sorting out all the lingerie,bras and stockings. So I will be doing that this week as well as more filming.

Thanks for reading till next month
be good

Dominatrix V

April blog post 2019

Gday g’day g’day

I have ended My tour here in Australia and I am now back in Wollongong. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Perth due to health reason so I’m a little disappointed but health does comes first. In this blog post you will read all about My adventures while touring in Australia. I have added loads of photos and some clips for those of you who don’t like to go onto You Tube. I also talk about My plans and what My next move is going to be. I have some really exciting news. Enjoy the read.

Wollongong Visit at Tams on 45

My haircut fetish and shaving services went off. Whilst in Wollongong one of My clients wanted his underarms and genital area shaved and not with a normal razor either. As you can see I used the cut throat all the way.

Our next session I will be shaving his legs as well as a forced Haircut in My brand new Barber Chair….stay tuned

I did some filming with My chastity client at T45 Wollongong.  You can purchase and view the clips at My Clips4Sale or I Want Clips stores.

Photos by Tammy at T45 Wollongong

Tammy took some photos for Me. The lighting isn’t the best but isn’t the latex cat suit hot?

Queensland visit at Haven 33

My trip to Queensland was an interesting one I have to say though I wont go into that here…but I had a couple of new haircut fetish clients who were so much fun to session with. I managed to film one of our sessions. Here is a little teaser below. You can watch the full naughty version at My Clips 4 Sale store or My I want Clips store. Oh and the place I worked out from is Haven 33. A truly amazing space. I hope next time I visit I will stay longer.

My last two days in Queensland I took some time off and booked Myself at a small and very quiet little resort before I flew out to Adelaide. Check out the clip below.

The time off did me wonders and I did get the chance to spend some quiet time on My own to think and reflect on this little journey that I’m currently on.

My last day in Queensland, Palm beach.

Adelaide at The Fetish Palace Studios 

Adelaide here I come

So it was goodbye Queensland and G’day Adelaide. This was My second visit to The Fetish Palace Studios. I was welcomed with warm open arms by Mistress Gabrielle and her crew. Unfortunately I could only stay for five days but I will be back at the end of June and will be staying much longer, and I will have some wonderful news for all My Adelaide clients. So if you missed out on seeing Me then it’s probably a good idea to contact me ASAP. I also received a lovely little review from one of My clients you can read it on My website here at

After My trip to Adelaide I had three days to repack and chill before I headed out to the Blue mountains. What did I get up to I hear you ask?, well it was no holiday I can tell you that but it was something I needed and it gave Me time to think about My next move.

So where to next Domina ?

Well, I have had many of you asking me when am I returning back to the UK and I’m sorry to say that I have decided to stay put here in Australia. After thinking about it for a while, Australia is where I grew up and it is My home. I have been travelling around for so long and to be honest with you when I returned to Brighton last August for My friends funeral My plan was to stay as I wanted to be closer to My family. The plan was to come back to Australia and do a little tour, which I did and I had so much fun and met some really amazing people, but since returning I have also had time to think about where it is that I really want to be and now that My touring has ended I am now settled back in Wollongong (until further notice). I will no longer be managing the Brighton Dungeon and as much as I will miss everybody it’s just not the same without Mistress Dometria. It’s now time for Me to move on and I feel that I have done as much as I could and I am really happy with the way things have turned out. It is now in good hands from the owners of Taboo and Lust in Brighton.

While I was there Channel 4 were filming a documentary based on behind the scenes of the Richardson’s family and yes you will also get to see bits of me in there somewhere. So make sure you check to see when it’s out.

the sex shop family on channel 4


She’s baaaaack Yes Back In Wollongong

I have been going through all My belongings which I have in storage and was so happy to be surrounded with all My things. While going through all My stuff I had forgotten how much really cool stuff I had. As you can see by the photos below I really love Vintage and Retro things.

All these items will be on display at My new location.

The Return of The Fluffy Boudoir Cross Dressing Salon

I do have wonderful news to share with you all, well mainly for My Sissy and Cross dressing followers. Now if you have been following Me for a long time you would know all about Fluffy Boudoir. Well, when I returned to the UK last August we were almost ready to set up the Fluffy Boudoir but then things happened and got in the way and eventually I decided that I will close its doors.  My intentions were to return to Australia and sell off everything that I had in storage then return to Brighton and live happily ever after hahahahaha YEAH RIGHT!. So I will be doing My best to settle in My new location. We have been painting the walls as you can see in the photos they were a really ugly outdated  colour. The feature wall is now a lovely rose-pink and the rest is a light grey.

Yesterday we finished painting the walk-in wardrobe and we had so much fun emptying out the boxes and hanging everything up. On Monday I have a truck coming in with the rest of My stuff from the storage unit, I really cannot wait to show you all the end results. I will be collaborating and working alongside with some really talented people, but I will tell you more about it in My next blog post.

If you are a Fluffy Boudoir fan and you would like to stay updated on My new location then please follow The Fluffy Boudoir Cross Dressing  Blog where I will be posting all the latest photos and videos.


Vee Barberette Fetish Haircuts Services

And last but not least My fetish haircut services is hitting the roof. I just want to say thank you to My clients who have been patiently waiting for me to get Myself all sorted. My barber chair is finally out of the box and ready to be used. I am so excited but at the same time I might be just a little sad as this chair was purchased on the date that My friend passed away, but I know it will be put to good use.

Well folks that’s about all I have to share. This blog post is a little late but as you can see I have been really busy. I look forward to seeing so many of you who have been contacting Me.

Till then, be good
Domina V

Blog Post March 2019

G’day to all My loyal followers and subscribers, and if you are new to My blog, I welcome you to sit back and relax, make yourself a cuppa.

My Aussie tour started in Wollongong (Google it) where I booked Myself into a hotel room, actually it was an old motel down by the beach, I didn’t want anything fancy, just a place to rest My body, mentally and physically from the long flight from the UK. Flying zaps all My energy away, the jet lag hits me hard so three days on My own with the ocean just 1 minute walk away helped tremendously.  I knew I would need longer to recover but, I was on a mission and that was to sort out My storage unit and grab what I needed so I could start My sessions.

Chilling Out in North Wollongong


On the plane and happy with My space ready for the long flight to Oz.

Just about to dive deep once again into My storage

Car loaded with just a few of My things

I had the pleasure of working from My old rooms at Tams on 45. Tammy the owner was happy to have me back and happy for Me to take over two of her rooms while I was there, but first I had to stock the rooms up with all My kinky paraphernalia, so it was a trip to My storage to try to find the things I needed.


At Tams on 45

I took some time off and visited friends in Cronulla. Check out the beautiful views.

Cronulla Beach for the Day

Packing My Bags in Wollongong ready for Sydney

So, I’m currently in Sydney. Its My last day today before I head up to the Gold Coast. I want to say thank you to Mistress Tokyo for allowing Me to use her premises for My sessions. I luv using her rooms and I’ve noticed she has added even more amazing equipment since I last visited. Hopefully next time I’m in Sydney I will stay a little longer and make use of her spectacular Medical room.

Thank you to Tammy from Tams on 45 for having Me back at The Gong. It was great being back and setting up the space for sessions. Check out My promo video I made.

I am now sorting through and editing My new clips. I have recently uploaded 3 new clips to My clips 4 sale store as well as My I want clips store. I still have a few more to edit so stay tuned.

Impact play and bastinado session conducted at Mistress Tokyo premises.

Well, I think that’s all for now until next month.
Be good


Last Blog post before I leave UK March 2019

G’day to all My amazing followers and subscribers and if you’re new to My blog then Welcome!

So, I have started packing my bags…again, yep the story of My life, always packing her bags, moving to another destination, on another journey, where it will take me? Who knows?

If you have been following Me, then you would know that I have been back in the UK for 6 months. It all started in August when My beautiful close friend, Mistress Dometria passed away. The Brighton Dungeon has kept me busy and on My toes. I have met some amazing people who I was able to share some wonderful memories with. Sadly though, I have also seen that there are people using her name for their own benefit, very sad indeed, be careful of fake people who claim that they were good friends with her and use her name to make themselves feel important. Shame on you.

RIP Mistress Dometria

Last weekend Chloe came down to Brighton to see Me. We went shopping for some kinky toys. Where did we go? We went to Taboo of course. We also had Channel 4 filming us for a documentary. It’s for a pilot so I’m not sure when it comes out.

A few days ago we did a photo shoot at the Brighton Dungeon for our Guest Mistress page. I was up nice and early, 3 am actually, My usual wake up time, and I had to clean and polish My latex for the day. It was great having us all under the same roof at the same time, finally. Our Guest Mistress page is exclusive for VIP ladies who use the premises on a regular basis and who have contributed towards making it the best Dungeon in town.

I’ve had so many people wishing I wasn’t leaving, but I’m only going for a couple of months. I think I deserve this trip and I also need to sort out My storage unit. So don’t worry, the dungeon is in good hands with Madam Brodie and Queen Morningstar looking after the premises while I’m away.

I have added a few clips below to show you what I’ve been up to lately. If you have problems watching them then please head over to My You Tube channel. Most of My clips are marked as Adult content so you may have to have to log in to You Tube to view them all. Not My choice, You Tube keep flagging Me so I better do as they say lol.

So now that everything is packed I now have time to say goodbye to My close friends.

Last week the beautiful Queen Morningstar took Me out to a delicious dinner and Mock tails.

It’s now time to concentrate on Myself and My work. It has been on hold since I arrived in the UK. Things happened so quickly and so much was happening that I’ve not given Myself time to reflect on what it is that I want and where I want to be. I certainly have a lot to think about and decisions to make. My trip back to Australia couldn’t have come at a better time. I am really looking forward to being there, though not looking forward to the long flight.

I have planned out My touring dates, schedule, accommodation the works, typical Virgo, all organised, though I have a feeling that I may change a few dates here and there.

I will be focusing on My health mentally and physically. I will be giving Myself some free time to be on My own and not having to worry about others. I love spending time on My own, I love My own company, there is never a dull moment, that’s for sure. I am also looking forward to seeing a few close friends and spending time with them.

Well, that’s all for now, I must finish packing as I fly out tonight. Wish Me luck that I land safely.
Til next time,
Be good

Domina V