Out and About – I hate Interviews

We’ve just finished a delicious lunch and now we are indoors away from the cold and wind. Did I mention that I really hate getting interviews, You’ll see it in My face.

In this interview I am asked these questions:

1- What or how did you get into Fetish / BDSM?

2- Where did your kink / fetish come from?

3- Was there a specific incident in you life that made you decide you wanted to be a Dominatrix.

That’s about as far as I got to….after number three I stopped answering him.

i hate interviews image

Blog Post November 2016

Gday Gday Gday dear reader. Now where do I start? Okay, Firstly I would like to say thank you to those of you who have either emailed me or messaged me via social media. Yes I did have my blog on private for a little while but it was due to technical reasons and nothing else. So No, I have not disappeared, I am still here and I don’t intend on going anywhere….well not yet anyway.
On the 23rd of November it will be exactly 1 year since I left the UK. This year has flown by so fast. It has defiantly been a very interesting journey. I have to say I am a little disappointed with a few things…mainly people, but it’s okay, I can accept the way things are. I don’t take negativity on board and I always move on to things that feel right and make me happy, that’s all that matters to me. This past 12 months have been pretty tough and I sure as hell didn’t expect a smooth ride, after all I have been away for 8 years and I know I have changed, that’s for sure. Sydney has changed, but it’s still a beautiful city and I am so happy to be back but I don’t think it’s holding my attention like it use. I guess its true when they say that travelling can really change you…that is so true.
The weather here in Sydney is  all over the place but it’s nice and sunny and its starting to get hot, just the way I like it. I am heading up to Queensland in December for my last 2016 tour. So if you didn’t get the chance to meet me on my last tour then now is your chance.

I am really looking forward to 2017 as it will be YEAR OF THE ROOSTER …yep that’s me.

Okay, well I think that’s about all for this months post. I will finish here with a selection of  photos for those of you who have missed out.
The View from Balmain

I really enjoy my daily walks around the Bay with good Mate

The Super Moon from My backyard

Resting in the park after a great workout at my gym

My favourite Doc Martin boots from Camden Town UK

Add caption
Always keeping my feet warm

Hmmmmm Really?

That’s All for now…Thanks for reading

Blog Post For September 2016

Hello dear reader

Well as I wait here patiently for summer to hit us I thought I would start writing to you as I know how much you want to know whats been going on in my little exciting life and seeing as it’s the last day of September, I thought , why not.

 So I have been keeping my head down and trying to stay out of trouble, which isn’t easy.
Ive been doing a fair bit of writing as well as filming for personal reasons but I have managed to squeeze in a couple of ”Live Sessions” filming, so they’re  in the middle of editing as we speak. You can find them on my Clips 4 Sale store but Ill let you know when they’re up or if you’re a tight ass and just want to see free stuff then head on down to my You Tube Channel.

So, these past few months haven’t been the greatest as Ive had a few medical problems that Ive been trying to sort out like…..forever, but I’m slowly getting there. I just need to step back a little and concentrate more on my health which got me thinking about a few things. So, for the next few months I will be making some changes, mainly in my personal life as well as my chosen career.

With so many things that I want to do, there just isn’t enough hours in a day is there? Which is why I will be taking baby steps and see which direction it takes me.
So this November it will be 1 year since I arrived from the UK and I just cannot believe how fast it’s flown by. It still only feels like yesterday that I landed but it goes to show that time fly’s at a blink of an eye.

As I look back on these past 11 months I’m quite content with what I have achieved, but being a typically Virgo Rooster things can always improve. So, as I start on new projects and ideas I must remember to slow down and take time out which isn’t easy for me. But, I do try.

Last week my uncle passed away. It was the first family funeral I had been to. He isn’t a blood relative but I grew up with him from the age of 3 and is the only close family I have here in Australia. Ive never been the family type. The little black sheep I defiantly am and after his death it really made me see things differently and how important family is. I made a promise to myself that I will try extra harder in this department.
On the 18th I celebrated my birthday. It was a quiet one for me this year as it was my first one in Australia since the UK and I didn’t have the people I care the most about around me.
In January it will be my 14th annerverasry as a Professional Dominatrix and boy oh boy, it sure has been a very interesting and bumpy ride. Isn’t it amazing how the universe works? Well, all I can say is that as much as I’m looking forward to the future I sure aint in no hurry to get there. I’m just enjoying each day as it comes…..one by one…No pressure.
Well I think that’s about all folks. Its after 1am and my bed is calling me.
So for those of you who live in a cave and don’t follow social media ( i don’t blame you) here are some photos that I have posted throughout September….Enjoy

I know this is your favourite
Come and get it
Our lovely House maid Simone preparing the vegan BBQ at The kastle
A quick selfie before it gets busy….ahem
My birthday vegan doughnuts from Mistress Scarlett
Just said goodbye to the house slave…..he was really cute actually
Teaching this slut how to use her mouth for my strap on
She didn’t need much training
Just keeping my feet warm with one of my favourite foot fetish clients
Mirror selfie with my smelly red converse

Review from Client

I just received a lovely review from one of my new Bastinado Clients. You can read all my reviews on my website HERE

“I was one of the luckiest slaves to get a chance of having a session with Domina V. Dominatrix V is an amazing and caring Goddess. At her presence, You are sure to be in good hands that takes you step by step into an unforgettable BDSM journey towards darkest corners of your fantasies and taking you back to the real world. I extremely enjoyed every minute of our session and cannot wait to be at her feet any time soon!”

Kind regards,

Cross Dresser Nicky Sydney Comes for a Visit

Greeting dear followers and admirers.
Well as I settle back into Sydney from My Queensland tour I find myself exhausted and sick with a cold and flu. So I have been resting in bed the last couple of days and hopefully Ill be back on track for Monday at The kastle.
In the mean time take a look at the gorgeous Nicky who came to see me last week. 


Brisbane Tour 2016

Well folks I’m at the end of my Gold Coast & Brisbane Tour for August. It’s been a really interesting journey from the beginning. I’ve learnt a few things along the way. All mainly good stuff but also some not so good, but that’s all part of the process and it’s how you deal with it that makes it so much more interesting.
Things can’t always go according to plan and you have to allow for certain things to take place in order for you to decide which direction you want it to go.
Thank you to all of you who came to see me for sessions. You were all wonderful, well except for one who tried to #Flyundertheradar……tsk tsk tsk naughty but don’t worry I already had my doubts about this one and my instincts are always right.
I’ve had an awesome time and I was very well looked after. I want to say thank you to K and C for their warm and friendly hospitality and I’m really looking forward to seeing you both again.
Thank you to Mistress Maeve, Double Domme sessions were fun, relaxed and drama free, thats what you get with two VIRGO Dommes playing side by side.
We got to film one of our sessions so as soon as I get back to Sydney guess what I’ll be busy doing? Yep, editing. I have loads to add on YouTube as well so stay tuned for that.
I hope to return to Queensland in September (my birthday month).
Spring is just around the corner and boy do I have loads of clearing out to do before summer. Here’s a few photos from my time away.
 On the plane ready for take off
Landed Safely
A celebration moment
Make up free day
Received lots of cuddles
Trying to get read with this little one on my head.
Surrounded by Flamingoes
Thank you to Mistress Maeve for letting me use her laptop.
Bed time for me…that’s chocolate in My mouth.
On the trampoline
I was well fed with home cooked vegan meals.
Surrounded by chooks
Enjoying the sunshine
My last day for Brisbane sessions
I’m hoping to return to Brisbane in September. Hope to see you there.