Double Femdom Session with Mistress Astrid London

Last night had an amazing time with my senior Mistress and our two subs. Not only did they receive a good caning they were rewarded with each others very large c#Ks…First we started off with our firm soft hands on their bottoms and gradually warming it up with a paddle and whip. I love my cane and I love hearing it come down on his hot warm butt cheeks. Teasing him with my hot breath in his ear and running my hands all over his bare body,watching him wriggle about with delight and pleasure. Here we have 2 very excited men waiting for Mistresses command. ” Now get down on your knees and see that thing in front of you, open your mouth and start sucking, that’s right, nice and slow, all the way in and don’t choke now will you. I so enjoyed forcing him to open his mouth and suck hard. I look forward to seeing this in action again very soon.

Swearing I wouldnt blog again Ha!!

So years of swearing that I would never have a blog, well here I am. What has changed my mind you asked? Well the fact that I have finally agreed to let someone else build my Mistress website instead of me stressing away day and night. I have agreed to add the BLOG. So i will try my best to keep you all informed of my precious private life….