Who Is DOMINA V 05-10-2013

You’re probably wondering who is this DOMINA V? I have to confess that I am a very private person and from the time that blogs first came out I swore that I would never start one. Then MySpace came out followed by Facebook and god knows how many other sites. I joined them all but soon deleted my profiles as I felt like I didn’t have any privacy and it was all just a waste of my valuable time. 

Well, unquestionably the Internet is here to stay and thankfully we can now communicate with loved ones, friends and family. Though I have found that since mobile phones and emails became popular people have become much lazier. With instant access to pushing that send button, I have found that we are all just too busy to stay connected with the people that matter the most. 

Throughout the years I have used the Internet to my great advantage, and I have to ask, where would I be without it? Though I really do miss the old days of landlines and hand-written letters in beautiful writing – much more personal and intimate. So here I am with my brand (spanking) new website which I am happy and proud to say that I created all by myself. Via it hope to bring together like-minded people with similar kinky interests and ideas.  So you’re probably wondering what’s so special about DOMINA V?

What is it that I have to offer you. Well that’s very easy, I have loads to offer you. My passion for hair and make-up – as you can see from my own photos – shows that no matter where you go you should always try to look your best. I have felt this way ever since I can remember. When I was a little girl I would sneak into my mother’s room to rummage around in her AVON products, and, boy, what joy did I have in those days! I still remember the very first time that I shaved my legs and used to wear leg warmers (during the Aussie summer) to cover them up so that my parents wouldn’t find out; but, alas, how could they not! My first ever exciting experience wearing red lipstick was when I saw a picture from The Rocky Horror show. I still love that movie and can watch it over and over again.I have always loved make-up. I have always loved being a girl and becoming the stunning woman you can see on all my websites. I take pride in the way I look and I just love taking forever getting ready. To me the whole process of getting ready and applying my make-up and deciding what to wear is so much fun. I never get bored of it. I never wake up in the morning and go ”’Ahhhh do have to do it all over again”. I would say It takes me longer to do my make-up then it does to find something to wear believe it or not. I think it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Oh all that Gucci , Prada, Louboutin, Channel , blah blah blah…….Oh come on ladies, Really!! Lets calm down now.

Each to their own I guess…Though I am a big sucker for Vivienne Westwood…..mmmmmmm So coming back to your question, I think that my wealth of experience from modelling, stage performances and as well as completing a John Robert Powers course (many moons ago Ahem) has all been part of my process.  I am a fully qualified hairdresser and I have a diploma in make-up artistry Oh, and let’s not forget one of my alter egos, The Dominatrix. I have also completed several course’s from the beauty company known as Clarins, Which by the way I still use. So as you can see my background in this field is just perfect for what I am trying to achieve today. I can teach you how to be more convincingly feminine. How to walk, move, dress, sit with style and confidence – the list goes on and on… All thanks to John Robert Powers Personnel Development for making me the powerful, knowledgeable woman I am today. hahaha go Robert”… Though

I’m hearing stories that JRP is all a scam, well I guess that’s another story. Since working as a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney Australia I have had many requests from clients wanting to be made-up and even be escorted to girlie events and fetish clubs. I have to say that I’m not the most sociable person in the world and getting me out of my house is not easy. Since I arrived in the UK in Feb 2008, I have learnt so much about people, myself and just life in general, I want you to know that you’ve come to the right place. All I know is from the feedback I get from my clients and I have to say it makes me so happy to hear such wonderful comments. So if you have read this far then I congratulate you. Well done. I know these days we are all so busy and trying to find time to read about information on the web and there is so much out there. Your next question should be , Who will you trust to take you to that little extra mile?Thanks for reading