Strict BDSM / Fetish Haircuts / Feminization / Sissification

Classy, friendly, and easy going. Domina V has a deceptively sensual approach that belies a firm Dominatrix who knows just how far to push a submissive/slave with her big penetrating & hypnotic eyes. She has a way about her that is both fun and strict.

She will speak words with a natural authority without having to raise her voice. Domina V’s natural beauty and superiority along with her ability to notice what makes a submissive/slave tick. She is always full of surprises with something new and unexpected.

 A stunning commanding Goddess of cruelty, meeting her for the first time is intimidating as she is a very beautiful woman who oozes sex appeal & eroticism.

Spanish born she is naturally dominant which leaves you with no doubt about who is in charge. She is an expert at what she chooses to do.

She moves with a grace and confidence that befits her stellar looks; moving as one with a demur and posture that communicates the innate confidence of a Divine seductress fully proficient in securing the complete obedience of submissive men.

She will re-educate those who lack training in BDSM protocols. She has a wealth of experience under her leather belt, and she enjoys meeting new slaves and submissive men and women to play with, though she is very particular with whoever enters her domain.

She is fastidious and expects those who wish to see her to pay attention to details.

She especially loves to play with those with experience who need to be pushed further into assessing their own limits.

Time spent in this extraordinary woman’s presence will no doubt be an enjoyable experience; you will be putty in her hands. Be prepared to feel helpless and vulnerable in her presence.